Curse that white noise!

Where I work the printer was on and droning. I listened to the white noise of the printer and I scared myself into thinking the voices were coming back!

I had to sit and keep listening to it just to prove to myself that wasn’t a relapse. Why am I so afraid of these voices? I’ll keep checking to just to make sure it’s not the beginning of a downward spiral.

It will become easier with time… You’ll find your triggers, what works, etc. The first months without voices I kept waiting for them, then I got used to the quiet mind without them.


Did your pdoc taper you down to the lowest dose of your meds? My doc mentioned last visit that we could eventually try 2mg of risperidone instead of my current 4. I know that will be a stressful few months.

I’m at 75mg of Invega Sustenna, and the lowest dose if I’m not mistaken is 25mg. So, no, not yet.

Sorry. I meant lowest they could give to you. It is my understanding that the doc usually uses an emergency high effective dose at first, and then finds a lower maintenance dose. I was just wondering if that’s normal for people.

Yes, I think you’re correct. I’m at a maintnance dose now. But not the lowest possible, that would be ideal really. My only side effect right now is a little dizziness.

Are you the artist that did? I Illustrated Mental Illness And Disorders For Inktober ? And if not do you know who is?

The artist is Shawn Cross :slight_smile:

Give me your brain!