Starting to go grey

I can see grey bits in my hair now so im gonna colour it later tonight

I have some gray hairs here and there.
I don’t mind


At least you have hair. You’re lucky. But I’m not too worried about being bald. It’s a natural process.

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I like bald men its just a harder for a woman i think. I remember this old lady lovely gal but she had to wear a wig and was very self conscious bless her

I always thought grey hair made a person look more distinguished. I’m starting to get a few but don’t mind at all.


I havent had any greys. Only white hairs

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some women in their older years accept their grey and wear it proudly…i have some grey in my hair but my hair color hides it…it’s gonna be silver one day and I look forward to it.


I have a little gray. I plan to wear it naturally because the hair coloring triggers psoriasis on my scalp

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i have white hair. i dont mind. i dont have vanity.


Hey non-ego

What do you mean, by logical thinking?

In your bio?

Overcoming the ego by logical thinking


Are you f or m? I can’t remember lol🤕

I’m accepting my grey hair can’t wait for more to grow so I got grey highlights.

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I want white hair.

abstracting it, conceptualizing it, and treating it fow what it is, a concept, not a truth. i feel no self importance. it would be selfish of me, given the magnitude of the universe i am a creature of, to think i am important. Just as competition makes no rational sense either. It is a concept. A very nocive concept which in practice turns everyone into everyone else’s enemy. Does not seem like a good idea to me. Ants are smarter than we are in that respect.

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Me too. Quasall 1515151515

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Idk man. Well see about that

This dead rabbit doesn’t look good at all

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