Starting to enjoy myself

after all these years of sz h____ I am starting to enjoy myself and feel good almost daily. and how are you doing?

things at work have improved in a social sense so that’s another good thing I am encountering.

sometimes you gotta train yourself to not look back for awhile. can always evaluate and “deal” with the past with more distance to it…

even my mom and I are getting along a little better now. that was a big one for me. always wanted it – never could achieve it.

:grinning: love ya for being there for me time and again. judy


Interacting on this site helps me. I spend a lot of time alone, and I start to brood over injustices done to me, real and imagined. I’ve discovered that expressing positive sentiments helps me stay positive. There is this one psychological theory that how you feel depends largely on how you’re expressing yourself. You don’t laugh because you are happy. You are happy because you laugh. I get overwhelmed by anxiety in social situations, though. I’ve pretty well decided I am going to put minimal effort into socializing, but I am not going to cut it out completely. I brood too much when I am alone.


crimby. I wonder if what you describe is part and parcel of sz since I have very very similar issues.

good luck in socializing. one step at a time and you will see you’ll be out of that lonely hole of sz where we all despair.


Glad you are doing so well!
Happy Holidays Judy! :sparkles:

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you go girl :dancer:

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Good to hear things are going well for you judy,
you deserve to have a good life too.

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You called!?!

Seriously, it is good that you are opening up and getting better.

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well bravo !! to you @ifeelblessed I am so happy about this. sorry I just now saw the post. really glad for you !! wow !! what a come back !!

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