Sz and well respected

today i was told that i was well respected in my area, maybe not by everyone but it made me feel good to hear that from someone i dont know very well and who is a lot older than me, i never thought i would ever have a good reputation, i guess its just my aura lol,

seriously though i think i am doing the right thing, i hated telling people i was doing nothing and it made me want to do something so now i am at the point where i am telling people that i am not just lounging around all day sipping coffee (no offense)

i am actively trying to seek out something to do, i am trying to recover, some people cant even do that they are so unwell but i said to people now that i feel a bit better i want to try and do something like a little job or something, i said i am trying to build myself up.

they know i have problems but they dont know that i am sz (i hope) anyway no-one has mentioned it.


Good for you for getting out there and getting active! It feels great doesn’t it? And putting yourself out there is so good for recovery.

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daydreamer. lots of kudos to you. maybe you could start with a volunteer job and work your way up.

sometimes you got to be creative and create a job for yourself if you know what i mean. like make yourself useful in ways only you know you can do and then hope you get some kind of reward for it.

best of luck. judy

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