Starting group therapy Wed

I will be the oldest. I’ll also be the only white kid. I’m not sure what they’ll make of me… 14 year olds in general are very judgmental people from my experience, I don’t know what they’ll think of someone with a psychotic illness, and a different race… Most of me doesn’t care but sometimes I do feel the need to impress people.

The only reason I bring up the racial thing is because the kids live near or in Ferguson, Missouri, where there is heightened anti-white sentiment .

I think I’ll kill them with kindness. And act as their elder wisdom guide lol (I wish) :sunglasses:


Good luck!

On the Ferguson kids - kindness is good. Also, try to listen to them about their experiences. It’s a totally different thing to grow up white than it is to grow up black in America. Nothing you’ve gone through is equivalent, just like nothing any mentally healthy person has been through is equivalent to psychosis. Assume you know nothing about it.

I think you’ll be fine. You’re good people, @bluey. Hope it’s helpful and a good experience for you.


that is very brave of you, idk if i would have the guts for that, just tell them you hate the cops and your sorted i guess lol

**Great attitude-
You will do fine :confetti_ball: **

Going soon… hopefully I won’t go on any delusional rants.

Good luck, Bluey! :two_hearts:

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Good luck @bluey :smiley:

Good luck :smile:

Be positive. They will love you and accept you for who you are. I’m very proud of you. :+1:

They seemed like a couple of harmless kids. My therapist says I was outwardly calm and normal which is surprising. I kind of stumbled around when I was asked what illness I have but idc.

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