Started the day off well then went silently schizzy

I had to get up at 8am for my blood tests. I took my meds at noon like I normally do. ( I normally get up around noon.)

I felt fine until I took my meds then became a bit angry and irritable and became slightly obsessed about something small that happened.

It makes me wonder if I should switch taking my abilify to night time again. It didn’t work out before though.

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What happened when you took it at night?

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It was like it wore off around 7pm and I started getting suicidal ideation around 7pm every night. But that was on a 10mg dose. I’m on 15mg now.



Can you take Abilify in the morning and at night?


It’s a 15mg single pill so not really. It’s also difficult to split as it’s tiny.

I’ll be seeing my psychiatrist in a few weeks and I’ll let them know that I might experiment with the time of day I take it again and see what they say…

Nothing to lose as I can always go back to taking it at noon again.


Yeah I hate issues due to med timing. Is so frustrating when you don’t get a uniform effect throughout the day. I am with @anon17132524 in that I think twice a day might hit the sweet spot.

Talk with your doc about how you are feeling. I mostly fine docs are fine with whatever schedule as long as you get the total amount in the day


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