Started seroquel and so sleepy!

Yesterday went to my pdoc and she is introducing seroquel along with my decreasing amisulpride. Took first dose last night at 8pm (50mg) and by 9pm I was asleep. Unusual for me as I usually go to bed past 11pm.

I knew Seroquel is sedative, but I just want to know from you guys - how long does that effect last? Does it wear off over time or is it going to be like that for as long as I take it?

I sleep in an hour after taking zyprexa. Yes i’ve heard that it’s sedating but look at how long you sleep. I get a bit upset if I sleep 9 hours or more…8 hours is usually pretty good so that is how I base my sleep.

I feel cheated if I’m sleeping more than 8. Also. If it works then sometimes it’s not so bad…

I slept for nearly 10 hours (9pm till almost 7am)

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Yeah that would worry me but I’ve done that for years on zyprexa. Simple thing I did was add some decent exercise and moved from 10 hours sleeping down to 8 or less. It costs you nothing but is worth the effort.

If the medication is controlling your symptoms well then you need to explore other options…so try adding some decent exercise but recommended you go through your general doctor first to get a handle of your health.

Yes seroquel is more sedating than amisulpride.

Some develop tolerance to sedation from few days to few weeks. Others dont develop at all.

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Yup seroquel is very sedating, and when I was taking it the sedation lasted for as long as I was on the med Wich was about 7 years.

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I honestly don’t know. I’ve taken Seroquel a long time, and I don’t think it ever made me sleep more. You might try it for a while, and see if you can hit your comfort zone with it. If it remains bad you might have to do a cost/benefit analysis of the drug.

Been on seroquel 300mg for a number of years now - and i havent found the sedative effect to really go away. I rely on it actually to put me to sleep at night.

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They use seroquel to put the elderly to sleep in hospitals. It is a potent sedative.

That is a strong med, i used to sleep for about 12 hours when i was on it, didnt suit me at all!

Seroquel’s sedative is too strong for me. It makes me sleep for like 15 hours.

I take 600 mg seroquel with two other antipsychotics and I wouldn’t be able to sleep without it. For most people the sleep inducing and weight gaining effect doesn’t wear off. But for some people like me it does. The main reason for me to take this meds is psychosis.

Was on Seroquel in the hospital, don’t remember much but latuda knocks me out within an hour and I usually sleep 10+hrs on it, I set multiple alarms so I don’t sleep that long, most ap meds are sedating.

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