SSDI and substance abuse

I applied for SSDI this past June. Based on my medical records it seems to be a good case. However I am concerned that my records state I used marijuana. Has anyone had any luck winning a SSDI/Ssi case despite drug use? Thanks in advanced.

Yeah I am dual diagnosed and on ssdi. Although I’m clean now, I used for a lot of my period on ssdi…about half of it

Did you get it the first time? And what do you mean you used for a lot on your period ?

One of the hospital visits i went to called it amphetemine psychosis but this was because i was reading off the words i saw in my eye lids. Im sure the drug test i took didnt even have amphetemine in it. But i got disability despite it

I was using weed when I got Ssi… Took me 3 times and the third time I had a lawyer… But it is possible and they didn’t drug test me… Just went off what my doc and case manager said…

Yes, I used to use marijuana and I successfully got SSI (after one denied application and one denied appeal). The first time I applied was many years ago, the most recent time was last year and I’ve been receiving SSI for about a year now. If you have a legitimate (diagnosed) mental illness that makes it difficult or impossible for you to gain or keep employment, you have a shot at it. In my case, I think the approval was helped by the fact that I’ve had over 10 inpatient stays in hospitals since the onset of my illness about 7 years ago.

I was 9 months sober then relapsed. 2 months sober then relapsed. 2 months sober now. I’ve been on SSDI for 2 years. So that’s about half the time. The other half I was using drugs and alcohol. I was using a LITTLE bit of alcohol when I went on SSDI, when I went into the office I was trying to get sober but still using. I got it the first time, I have an extensive history of hospitalizations and my doctor kept sending follow-up letters the whole time during the application process. I have a 8 year history of in and out of rehabs/hospitals and substance abuse