Spoke to the nurse practitioner about medication

Re my queries why I should be on it given my diagnosis. I said I wasn’t clear on the whole psychosis thing. She said well you have experienced paranoia. She also said in a past appointment I had mentioned thought insertion and weird thoughts.
I said I had sometimes thought of coming off meds but hadn’t because I was mindful others ie third parties.nurses etc might see things that I can not . She said it was good I had insight but that a lot of people don’t. They do ok on depot and then question whether they have been ill and stop the medication.

It seems her view is that I need it.

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Yeah, given your personality disorder diagnosis, I wonder why more doctors and nurses are not questioning your need for Antipsychotic Medication.

You would think that by now there would be a change in diagnosis.

I think basically it’s very much like a blind man predicting how the dice have fallen when it comes to some of us with diagnosis.

Also paranoid PD is one of those things where psychosis can occur but is less prominent than with schizophrenia or schizoaffective.

Personally I would be in favour of a psychotic spectrum approach that would encapsulate mild/moderate.severe manifestations of psychosis and cover disorders that have prominent episodes of psychosis through to short lived bouts of psychosis.

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Diagnosis is a diagnosis. Once it’s been established that you suffer from a psychotic disorder the treatments are all the same. Unfortunately we’re just not there yet in psychiatry where they have anything else to treat these illnesses. The only time the type of am psychosis matters is in bipolar disorder vs sz or sza because it subsides with the mood. Otherwise join the club like the rest of us and get on line for your next injection of that foul wretched brew called atypicals