Spiritual symptoms

I think this is a pretty common theme for those diagnosed with SZ. It’s certainly a central theme for me and my illness. I’m interested in hearing your stories and perspective on it…

For me, it started as distressing to say the least. It has morphed into my mind questioning whether certain experiences are mystical and at times I still think I’m interacting with angels. They are not entirely unpleasant though often I feel like some of these visiting ‘spirits’ are mocking me.


I don’t believe in the supernatural much at all, but I’ve had the chosen one belief for some reason so strongly. It’s the delusions of reference that lead to the delusions of grandeur for me.

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I believe that the voices are visiting angels as well. They have the personalities of regular people, though they are somewhat sensitive.

I still have tactile hallucinations and I believe they are energies from people that are around me.

Yes, I am medicated.

I believe in the supernatural very much. But for me it’s been more of a comfort than anything else.


I won’t believe anything without hard cold facts

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