Spiritual awakening

Did you ever consider that perhaps the symptoms you are experiencing could possibly a part of a process of spiritual awakening.

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Oh ■■■■ no. If so, it’s the worst ■■■■■■■ spiritual awakening possible.

This condition has certainly not made me special, gifted, or better than others.

It’s an illness, it’s manageable, that’s all.

Don’t romanticize it if you want to be healthy.


Lol was googling that not to long ago but seems unlikely sometimes I want to go off my meds feel like better person

It’s like opening up a gate to hell in your brain. The opposite of a spiritual awakening.


Yes, I got caught up in that bullshite years ago. It made me indescribably ill and I wound up in debt after becoming delusional and maxing out a high limit credit card. Your advice is ill-informed and dangerous to others here.


No. Schizophrenia is hard to deal with. The worst thing is knowing we are all schizophrenic in previous lives, this life, and the next lives. I sometimes call them iterations. It feels like a time loop for eternity. There is no free will and most people have their minds wiped for good reason. Mine isnt wiped. We make the same mistakes over and over again. I tried many times to prevent my sz and failed. I gave up. I’ve given up.

I hope society one day cures schizophrenia if it’s even possible.

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I disagree. If you watched the video then you would know there is free knowledge there for you and it does not entice you to buy anything

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