It sort of annoys me When

Someone who has NEVER had full blown psychosis tells you that your psychosis is a spiritual awakening time.

Who are you to say that?

You’ve never even had full blown psychosis and are undermining the pressures and struggles.


OK they might be trying to help, but the thing is, it is not helpful and they cannot know what they are talking about, I would have thought?

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It just makes me feel like they expect me to become superwoman with godly powers, the pressure is ON, something I do not need… (pressure of that kind)


They have no clue. Psychosis is not a spiritual awakening.


Yeah, I’ve had people quote Carl Jung or try to get me to listen to him cause they thought he would help but he’s all about “coming to terms with your darker self and conquering your ego” and sh*t, I’m probably saying it wrong.

But yeah… I don’t think his old school beliefs will help our schizophrenia…


It helped me but it was the most painful route I could’ve take

Trying to be Conquering my ego was like going through a longgggggggg tunnel through sewage and ■■■■ and I could only sometimes see the light because some days went by there wasn’t any sun.

But in the end you just have to turn around and realize that light isn’t real

And you learned a lot in that sewage ■■■■. But you gotta turn around and accept your previous reality

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Maybe I didn’t understand what he was saying?

But I’m sure it still didn’t cure your sz

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It just bothers me when someone whose never had the condition tries to tell me with conviction that they have the answers?

I will listen and they may make one or two good points, or not, BUT they need to understand that they not necessarily have THE answers.

And that if I take their herbs I will be cured :smile:


Didn’t alleviate me from my meds. Yes you are right. But when I was 19 I had a bad trip on lsd. So I was KIND OF fine. Until the next day my friend said to me “YOUR EGO” instead of “it’ll be ok :hugs:” and I said “I KNOW” and I became obsessive about the word ego. That I believe created my schizophrenia. Anyways.

It’s rid me of a lot of demons in the end . But no it hasn’t impacted me on my med taking

But I can’t say I regret it anymore. Even if there’s some trauma there

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I had a Government Employee tell me i should be planning ahead for Psychosis events, how does one plan for that?

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Your comment made me laugh.

I have no idea how you prepare for that.

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Everyone’s journey is unique, I would think anyways?

They do that a lot in my home country.
It’s something about writing a checklist of things that usually help in those situations, as well as information on who to call or where to go if you need help.

It’s the same principle as telling someone with anxiety to take deep breaths. We all know breathing is good, but in a moment of panic we forget to think about it

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I don’t think pushing your ideas on someone will help someone with this condition.

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No you are right. It does not help. Just makes things worse. :turtle::turtle::turtle:

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I have spent so much time in acute wards I have heard many different spiritual, religious and alien conspiracies about what psychosis is

Many to list, but won’t get into that.

Thought I was having a spiritual awakening, but when your disorganised in thinking and speech, acting out and breaking stuff - really it turns a bit sour

The whole spiritual awakening is all fine and good at the start, but it fools you into not getting treatment and leads to grandiose thinking which prevents prompt treatments

Yea, to me it’s nothing extra special like some inexperienced in psychosis people may think.

It does perhaps lead to opportunities in developing a better coping tool kit for stress. If one is able to…

But who knows the future?

it is nothing to romanticise :sleepy:

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