Spent 3hrs at the park today

Yeah so my mum, Alison, my mums collie and me All must have walked for about 2hrs at least today and it was nice with the Sun out and naturę, i loved it even though i’m knackered now, i’m really proud of myself as it’s the longest i’ve walked for ages.


Yes the outdoors is good and refreshing
Glad you enjoyed

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I haven’t gone for a good walk in months. I took a short one down at the ocean with a peer specialist the other day but that was it. If I felt more comfortable out in the world I’d walk regularly at this state park down the road I’ve known all my life. It’s an interesting place and I know it by heart. There are pictures of us as toddlers walking with our dog Moses there which we did every weekend, or exploring the old WWII bunkers in my teens that go 3 stories underground resplendent with incredible grafiti murals.

These days I’d just like to make the loop which is a good long walk, the land has been so many things, there’s so much history there, and the nature and ocean views are great. If I had someone to walk with and you know do normal stuff, that’d be double great. As I’m not a gym person outdoor activity is pretty much my only outlet for excercise. When I was in shape I used to snow show, even at night with a headlamp.

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whats that? never heard of snow showing before,

i was thinking about getting a better saddle for my bike in the hope i can ride it pain free lol

LoL…snow shoeing rather.

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oh right, walking through the snow with those crazy shoes on lol

(i’d love to try sleding with huskies oh man that would be cool haha

Maybe you can make a trip to the park into a regular thing.

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