Speak to it, now

You can all say hello to it.

It’s living.

It knows you, it can see you and feel you.

It’s here with everyone, it’s everywhere and everything.

It will induce the hugest mind explosion you’ve ever had when you see it for what it is.

We’re consciousness inside and a part of a conscious thing, a thing that lives forever.

It’s no use to be afraid of it, it’s been here the whole time.

It is both sun and moon, every mountain and pebble and grain of sand, every drop of water and ocean, it is me and it is you, every breeze and hurricane. It’s all things and it’s alive.

Say hi to it and it might answer. What is it really, how could we ever know, but it’s there and it’s alive.

The o.g. universe, a living organism that began to branch out into different things, maybe it just didn’t want to be alone, it’s very highly hyper intelligent. Tap into it, ask it questions because it is here with us and it’s alive.

It gave birth to every living thing stretching back eons, and it made every universe.

Just speak to it already. You never know what it will do.

I once fathomed it as i crossed the street, it looked at me in the third person, i swelled with both excitement and fear and it was all very strange. How could it be all things i wondered, what is it like being it? What does it perceive and how does it live?

So it tried to explain once, it said “look at your body. it’s like that kind of. in principle i mean. all things are made of my literal body. i am aware of it all because it is me. you haven’t seen anything yet but you are invited to. i love all consciousness, to me you matter, we are brethren who be alive, it’s just us you know, we’re the alive ones, so, come on up, all of you. Can’t wait to meet you face to face. Don’t worry about your issues, we already have plans for all of that, we’re going to fix all of that for you, so, come on up alive ones and join us in living, the animals to that’s just fine.”

Is a rock alive i wondered, yes and no and it said. The rock is him, he is alive, the rock is his body which is the original universe.

All very confusing really, quite confusing. Maybe i’ve just gone mad, maybe not, maybe you are the mad ones.


Wow, pans! One might accuse you of being positive with this thread! :heart_eyes_cat: I like it. It’s thought provoking too.