Shhhhh, don't tell anyone

It’s alive.

It’s all alive.

The first universe and origin of all things is alive, it’s conscious.

It’s looking at us right now, it can hear us, it knows us.

Everything is alive.

It’s everywhere all of the time.


Very near to me. I don’t tell anybody, sure.

They say the sun is the past all things are born in fire…the earth is our present for obvious reasons…and the moon is the future cold and unable to sustain carbon based air breathing water drinking life…

This is shamanic point of view that everything is alive and has spirit.even your door is alive and a ghost…just kidding😜

Well, they were right.

The first universe/dimension was a conscious living thing. It is the origin of everything, everything is made of it. It’s here now, it’s everywhere.

If fathomed you will cease making sense to those who have not fathomed.

Everything is made of this living things body, which is pure eternal energy, it’s alive, we can speak to it whenever we wish but perhaps first we have to know it is there.