Soup its what's for lunch

I bet you cooked up a doses of a stew. what did you put in there

Tonight I made lentils and lamb stew, with rice. One of my favourites!

I have an awesome soup recipie. I fill a pot with chicken broth and load it with all my favourite veggies, oregano and fresh garlic. It is so good!

Vegetable beef with Barley teeth showing a wicked smile AND crackers. totally at lunch tomorrow.
funny you’d mention Ze’soup i walked by the food pantry a few times tonight YEAAaaaaaaaaa.
be well :smiley:

Roasted veggies and noodles and rice. Spicy carrot soup with chicken is a soup that resulted from an accident. OR another favorite here is tortilla soup

It’s summer so it’s cucumber soup and gazpacho time. I love Gazpacho. I also love Miso and wanton soup.

This is a very soup family. Stuff can go in the slow cooker and brew all day. She also puts Oatmeal in the slow cooker and leaves it on over night and then in the morning, it’s fresh Oatmeal. She says she learned that trick from the Food network.



I learned what a “stock pot” was last week.

for soups, I make gauzpacho (sp) a hamburger, bean and noodle soup with carrots, mushrooms and beef broth…

for stew, well browned stew meat, carrots, potatoes, yellow onion, green peas and fresh green beans…all with garlic powder, salt, black pepper, white pepper and a drop of liquid smoke…