Sorry to make another thread, but I need urgent advice

Do I disclose to my pdoc that I still get intrusive thoughts, and they’re trying to emulate telepathy and mind reading?

Would he stop me driving ?

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are you aware that the telepathy/mind reading is not real? if not then maybe mention it to the pdoc.

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I know it’s not real now. I just ignore it.

The problem is I have little control over my thought processes, and it happened again just now where a guy outside mentally told me he was going to ■■■■■■■ kill me

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are you able to rationalize or ground yourself that even though its popping up you can just let it go?
intrusive stuff like that can be disturbing and stressful.

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It just frustrates me to be honest. The problem occurred before when I used to get super paranoid about it, and self-conscious.

I have only noticed this creeping back in recently.

Not sure whether it’s even really news or not for my doctor


like i ocassionaly would get voices that when I looked at someone they would instantly tell me what ailment they had and how they were going to die.
but I wouldnt like run up to that person or anything or tell them.

my pdoc basically said for that stuff, if im managing it ok to just let it be. but if I was acting on the information then thats not good.

seems like you got a handle on it, its just a nuisance for you.

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What country do you live in?

I personally dont feel telepathy is not real… I just see from experience im not much of a telepath at all…
And im very skeptical of many that say they are for valid reasons.
Maybe the intrusive thoughts insist because we do not explore them with weighing our discerning skills…

I find if ignore my feelings and sense of wonders they come up…

In ways… Yet ive also found that i dont like to delve in obsessively… So ive prayed n changed habits to try to overcome unhealthy obsessions…

I replaced unhealthy obsessions with guitar obsession or arts of other kinds…
Practiced skills obsessively to substitute problematic ways.

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England 1515151515151

Maybe im wrong tho… Idk… I dont want to tempt unhealthy ways.

well if you obsessively play guitar atleast you will become good at guitar so that seems fine

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Yes… Thats my point exactly.

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What i meant was … Perhaps im wrong about exploring ideas that might be undisciplined with aspects of metaphysical spiritualities…

Cuz i know i cant daydream too much about some stuff or i get lost in a dream a bit…

I would definitely be transparent and honest with him. I don’t think that would affect your driving if you concentrate, I drove for years with these symptoms. I think you may be being a tad bit paranoid about that part.

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To be honest, I had warned you that your medications are what held you together. You lower the dose of your medications and you get paranoid delusions and hallucinations right back. I think you should ask for the increase in dose again.

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I went back up myself as I couldn’t handle it

Your completely right in your advice

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