I need advice again... Sorry

Today my voices were telling me to do things and my OCD was commanding me too. But in all this, the voices told me to stop paying attention to them and my ocd commands. Because I need to be independent and receive help. They mentioned they care about me and they don’t want to see me suffer anymore… I have religious voices and they are from other spirits… They are fake right?! Because I believe they are real spirits. I believe with every action I do that is commanded by them I will go to a parallel or another dimension where my life is better, does that make sense???.. I just want some clarity its weird that they tell me I need help… Anyway if you are reading this Thank you so much I would love to hear your feedback!

The questions were:
1.Are these voices and OCD commands fake? Or are they real from a higher dimension?
2. Has anyone had religious themed voices and delusions?
3.Will I be stuck in this loop of suffering?


I have command hallucinations too. I think they care about me too. I’ve had religious themed everything experiences. I think everything is meant to be and life comes full circle somehow. I think death has gotta be the weirdest trippiest ■■■■ ever. Or maybe you just wake up when you die. But I feel we are all real. But at the same time only I am truly real. Not solipsism but kind of. I still think everything else is real…but fake too. If that makes sense. I’m not sure how but who knows.

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My voices are religious based. They tell me G-d hates me and that I’m going to hell. They also try to get me to curse G-d. I used to think they were real spirits but what helped me determine they were not real is that it must be a chemical imbalance because medication makes them go away and stress increases them. They also just kinda talk about whatever my mind is thinking about and often repeat the same phrases over and over. They are just in your head. Mine command me too but I’d never listen to their commands because it’s things like “kill your brother” which I find abhorrent because I love my brothers very much. Other times they just tell me to take my antidepressant and not to take my antipsychotic. I take my AD not because they tell me to and I take my AP anyways.

Yeah they suck and to me are the most debilitating type of voices!

Sometimes I think we are in a computer simulation but thats another topic… I don’t want any one triggered.

Thanks for your reply my man!


This is exactly what I’m going through… A good day excludes the commands… But still there, I can just cope better.

I had these all the time sometimes when I’m meditating or praying it gets worse! So I stop spirituality all together but I really want to get back in. Just afraid I will offend said deity.

Wow the voices are very cruel and weird. They tell me to take meds all the time, but sometimes they tell me don’t but yeah anyway Thanks for the reply. You are the best!

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Hmm I’m not so disturbed by them for some reason I quite enjoy them. My mind finds being crazy so interesting among other things. It’s interesting we have such similar beliefs…all of us. I may be a solipsistic person a bit but I don’t think it makes me superior even if I were truly “the one” like i thought I am. I just think…even sane people think this stuff when they take drugs. I think…a lot of things. People probably think I’m having a tough time but having the time of my life with this madness. And I feel the command hallucinations give me insights and intuition. Whatever.


Oh forreal? Well you have real interesting theories man, I think so too. Sometimes I believe we are in command of our own destiny, with whatever action comes a possibility in other words preventing death and or a horrible fate… I believe it is stemmed from fear, obviously. I feel that too the voices guided me in life but I guess we got to well… I got to be more aware.

I think free will and determinism compliment each other. We do have free will 100% that’s true. But we’re 100% servants to our destiny at the same time. You can choose your will, but you cant change your destiny. Is what im saying. I definitely believe that. And I think God or the makers of “the simulation” or the reason i took a drug that forced me to create this reality in my head, we all have a plan. And its inevitable with more progression=more complexities=more coincidences=more inevitable for god to show him/her self out of the randomness of the universe. That ones kind of a crazy sounding one but I dont think anything is crazy anymore. And the more stimuli you introduce to the mind, the more likely one is to see crazy coincidences. Because of inevitably. Its like a math equilateral equation type thing.

I also believe the patterns of the universe can be manipulated. Like when im manic I am also psychic…I can see 2 seconds into the future. Not psychic enough to win the lottery. And it doesnt help me in games/tests. But I knew I was gonna see a plastic bag on the ground 2 seconds before I did…I knew I was gonna see this…see that. Everything seemed so predictable when I was in a manic stage. Like I could manipulate the space time continuum to see the future. Because everything is so ■■■■■■■ obvious to me. Like when I get manic these days I keep repeating the phrase “It’s like clockwork”…because it seems everything is so predictable.

Thank you for letting me rant and flood your thread with my delusional be-thinking.

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They are most likely fake. There’s no way I can prove they are, but you can’t prove they’re real either. Most likely they’re command hallucinations mixed with delusions. You should talk to your pdoc about them.

Not exactly, but I used to think I had to save someone. You might say I had a saviour complex. I didn’t know who I had to save, just that I had to save someone. So I surrounded myself with broken people, trying desperately to fix them.

No you will no. You can end it. Talk to your pdoc, have your meds adjusted, and see if you can receive treatment like therapy for your OCD


@Jonnybegood Sorry for the late reply I was in therapy among other things I had to do… Rare, I know, LOL. I believe we don’t have freewill our emotions are already predetermined by what the event will hold, all actions are determined by emotion in my opinion. I see so correct me if I’m wrong. The plan is laid out and all these coincidences are just a sign of the future? I think we are the makers of our fate all choices lead to a final result. I think it makes perfect sense man! Wow, man that spoke to my soul because that happens to me… I left some stuff out because of the rules, but I can completely agree with alot of the stuff you said! Of course, man, anytime! I’m here to listen. You have a good one my dude! Pease

Thank you sometimes I just feel so convinced, but that very quote you said was something my voice of reasoning reminded me of. I will, I’m going to write down a list of what I’m going through, when I see him.

Thank you! I feel a lot better today. I took a shower and went to therapy. Hopefully September goes by fast! Anyway thank you @Pikasaur for your reply! Have a good evening!


Do you listen to them?

Do you listen to the voices

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