Sorry soitgoes

Sorry I was kind of in a pissy mood yesterday. You’re a good dude. We have differences in beliefs a lot but overall I respect you. You are kindhearted with good intentions.

I drank a cocktail with lunch yesterday and then when I came down I got all groggy and depressed and took it out on you for some reason. Lunch is too early to drink.

Feeling better now. Shaved my beard and am excited for class in 10 days. @SoitGoes


It’s all good man.

I don’t take anything on here to personally.


lol nice profile man.

you’re so paranoid!

I’m leaving this site you guys are weird man.

Take it easy.



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You’ll always be welcome back good sir…

You are chatting with schizos you know…

Take care, try to mellow out.

red bull for the win

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Happy thanksgiving m8

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