Sorry for posting about it

I’ve given up piggy food until the end of April. The topic got shut but I didn’t mean to bring that to the discussion. Me and my partner are just giving up piggy food until April. I hope I can lose weight.


@anon80629714 I don’t like pork myself… I hope you achieve what you want

Lol piggy food means junk food in the uk.

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I don’t eat pork myself. I can’t stomach it, I think you can do it. I believe in you

I think people misunderstood. Piggy food means junk food. It doesn’t mean pork.


Oh my bad I thought you meant pork

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Sorry lol I love junk food I still hope you can do it and achieve what you want


Ahaha :rofl: now I realise I really am British


And I am boringly American!

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I wouldn’t say boring

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@Hanna_Foxx. Same here lol

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I’m on a diet, but I give myself 100-150 calories a day for a snack that’s not necessarily nutritious. It keeps me on track



I’m Not American.

I’m Not American.

I’m From Saturn Halo Jupiter Sunlight Dreamland.

I Have Been Sent To Earth To Live In America And Wish I Met The Band Radiohead.

Sadly, I Never Even Been To A Show.

And I’m The Reason All Of Their Song’s Are So Amazing.

They Are Competing With My Untouchable Music.

For I Am The Greatest Musician Who Has Ever Been Born.

Of Course…, Because I’m From Saturn. . . . . . .


P.s. Snacks Should Not Be Insulting Innocent Animals. Mmmkay!.

For me it’s just cutting out chocolate … he’s doing this for tradition.

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good luck with cutting out junk food. I don’t eat a lot of junk food either or i would get fat i think… just once in a while i have some junk food but not often.


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