Sorry folks. Feel awful again this morning


They call trigeminal neurolagia the ‘suicide pain’ because it’s so painful people kill themselves just to get relief.

Right now I am in anguish and just want the mental pain to stop.


For me tooth pain is the worst pain. I hope your pain eases soon.


Sorry I meant I am feeling as bad as if I had tooth pain. Am just feeling mentally desperate.


Whoops ,sorry. I find it hard to make that kind of analogy. I can understand you are feeling mentally in pain, but struggle to make a comparison between mental and tooth pain.


Hang in there. Try to take deep breath and meditate by counting your breath… Hope you feel better soon.


Dude pm me anytime. I do sleep but if I’m awake I can chat. I’ve felt your pain, but the world needs you, needs you, I need you! You’re a friend to all of us, and you’re suffering hurts us, too. You’re very brave to share your feelings and thoughts! Plz plz take care of yourself! We’re here for you​:hugs::heart_eyes::heart:


Have just packed away all my belts and kitchen knives for the crisis team to take away. I really don’t want to go in hospital.


I understand very very much. I’ve been at a place where I was desperate to live yet felt I shouldn’t. It is your mental illness saying you’re not worth it…you ARE…if you weren’t , would I be sitting here typing to you about pain in your whole body and wanting to end it…well, it doesn’t. I liked soundgarden and listened to Chris Cornell and was so sad he committed suicide. He left behind friends, family and friends…if you look at it, it was self-righteous and his death played such a devastating ripple effect that one of his closest friends, Chester from linkin park committed suicide shortly thereafter…plz fight it, and I know you are because you are doing the necessary things. Never ever be afraid to ask if need help because we love ya dude. Cmon, hang in there and fight because you are demonstrating your will to live. Cmon lets fight to live another day together! Just for today, and then we can talk about tmr, tmr. What can you do that’s positive today. Do you like American football?


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