Songs that do not trigger

I was reading another thread that started me thinking about old songs that used to trigger me. Songs that while I was in the deepest throws of mental illness I would obsess over. Songs that to this day put me in a very bad place if I start listening to them.

I wanted to start a post about them and link some, to share with others some of the stuff I’ve dealt with, but the part of my brain that gets paid to make sense told me that was a really bad idea.

If it triggers me, it might trigger others, which would suck. Also, if I started listening to them again I’d just mess myself up.

So, here’s a song that does not trigger me. A song that helps when I’m down and calms me. Something positive.

Yes, I know this song was played to death, even I hated it for a while. But it’s really good and has helped calm and center me.

What songs are out there that do the opposite for you, calm and soothe not trigger?


I quit listening to all those garbage rap songs, not all rap just the garbage ones with terrible influence and trigger. I tell myself don’t worry be happy a lot. Not many songs match the calmness of this one in particular. Good vibes man.

Listening and trying to work out and keep up with the wordplay in that one is fun

How do you post videos?

Just copy the link to the video from Youtube then paste it in your post.

I think exposure to triggers will make them no longer be triggers…I talked to my shrink about this and he suggested exposure therapy for anything that makes me symptomatic. It has worked, I would have to say that he is right. I even listen to some music on purpose because it reminds me of my psychosis, and with repeated exposure I don’t react or feel like I am back to being 19 and raving mad.

I posted this in the creativity forum a while ago, I find it uplifting and positive

I love this song and this video. This is one of my favorites along with 3 little birds by Bob Marley.


I think I read somewhere that the three little birds referred to his three back up singers. Good tune.

Heard a song called Its a mad world. and it felt like mild PTSD therapy to hear someone descriptively describe something I had also gone through. But if I was depressed it would of made me more depressed.

i like this one- sitting on the dock of the bay, Otis Redding

Bill Withers is awesome as well he sang some very nice songs like, lovely day, lean on me etc.


Thank you for posting the Otis Redding. Very classic and very cool. I almost forgot about him. :thumbsup:

This is a really relaxing song. I love the string quartet!

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thats actually a good idea, i tried it sometimes
yet those songs loaded with hidden meanings usually find me, and im not looking for it.

but okay, maybe this helps someone getting out of that negative spiral.
at least i know some positive music, alltough too me it does sound alien cause it ain`t
describing my feelings.

here is another, i hope that isnt triggering


i’m listening to this album just now and i love it, it is totally non triggering towards me and i hope if you listen to it, it will not be triggering to you- Avicii- True

if you listen to it i hope you like it :notes:

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here is another one

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here is one

I used to watch the Wonder Years all the time. Great show. :slight_smile:


i really like this one- easy like Sunday morning

and this one is really good- free bird