Song lyrics im working on

I just came up with a song idea and wrote these lyrics quick. Let me know what you think.

Are you alone? Or do you love someone?
Are you out of touch? Are you on the run?
Would it be okay, if I held you tight?
Ask me to stay. I’ll be the only one.

Did you call timeout? And never stop?
Was the hill to steep? Did you see the top?
And I’ll never fail in loving you.
It will all work out, till our bones rot.

And I think of you most every day
And I hope you do. You do the same
Although evil plans are always made
Your my angel girl. You take my breath away.


Too many questionmarks. - nicht nur die Fragen schreit.

Sorry. If I made them periods would you like it more???

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Cool man. Do you have music for yet?

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I like it a lot @Edparry

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I do. G A Bm D.

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Nice work! Good stuff! The only thing that caught my attention was the line ‘till our bones rot’. This is a sweet love song, and I don’t feel that line belongs. Maybe try…

‘It will all work out, come ready or not’

Something along those lines. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. That line gave me trouble. I didn’t know what to write. That’s funny you spotted it right away!

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