Sometimes..., There Are No Words To Define How You Feel. . .


Is It Love?.

What Is Love?.

Is Love An Illusion?.

Is Love Real?.

Is It All…, Is It Nothing…, Or Is It A Bond Of Both, At The Same Exclusive Time?.

Can You, Dear Poster, Make Any Sense Of My Topic (???).

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Your opinion of love might be different than mine.

But is it not that you just know its love when its love.


I Would Also Like To Say Thus…,

I Have Discovered Among The Sea Of Confusion That…, Love May Be Real…,

And I Want You To Feel It Too… . …

Altho, , ,

I Still Don’t Know…,

What Love Even Is. . . . . . .

I find your writing good and infinitive.


Love . . .

There Is No End . . .

A Question Begins. . . . . . .

Laughing, i have No more to say

Perhaps Love . . .

Always Finds A Way . . .

I think so… I Actually do


You Begin To Perceive Each Individual As Someone Entirely Important, In Their Own Way.

And The Only Difference Is…,

How Many Witnesses Either Agree, Or Don’t Agree.

But!, Truth Still Stands. . .

Purpose Is A Reality. . . . . . .

I Will walk a lot and im gonna get it.

The Birds And The Trees, The Moon And The Sea, The Sun A Perfect Circle, Watching Dreams,

Like a bear hibernating, im waiting. Wait till i unleash my true power

True Power Is Usually Under The Umbrella Of Eternal Fascination And Hopeful Wonder.

I Have Found. . . . . . .

I believe love does exist. For some it takes a great amount of time to achieve, for othera it cones quickly and easily. It all comes down to timing.

Maybe your right…

I think I love my siblings the most. We are not that close but we all share a special bond.

And my dad.

My mum is a tricky one.

I Jus Dunno Anymore.

On The Level Of Purity I Have Found Myself Questioning Illusions & Reality.

Looking Into My Past, Present, And Future.

I Discovered That I Believed In Something Beyond Truth. . .,

And That…, Is Love. . . . . . .

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Truth = Rock Solid Foundation.

Love = Dreams, Within Dreams, Dreaming Dreams, Dreaming Of Dreams.

My Last Post Could Be Confused.

How Can Dreams Go Beyond The Reality Of Solid Foundation?.

The Specimen Lays In A Bed To Rest, (Foundation).


Begins To Fall Asleep, Within The Sphere Of Fantasy (Dreams).

I Remained Confused. . . . . . .




What Wanders Beyond That Reality?.

Tracing Love Shadows Within Reality’s Circuits Of Illusions Forests Walking Parallel In Energy.