Been Isolating for 5 plus years now

I’m stable on meds but don’t have any friends. Started to feel lonely and wounder if my years in isolation finally caught up with me. I’m trying to reconnect with an old friend but I ghosted him for years don’t think he’ll talk to me. Don’t know what to do. I don’t even have online friends, I just avoided everyone. How can I make friends? Seems like people my age don’t make new friends anymore. Going to be 30 in Nov. Feel like life is passing me by.

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I started isolating at your age, I have been alone 99% of the time for over 30 years, as you age the harder it is to make friends, especially if your not outgoing. To late for me, but it is a good idea to try now and make some long term friends

I know what isolation can be like with sz. I’ve done it a long time too. The isolation itself can cause madness. I welcome you to join this mental health chat room if you like:

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that sounds terrible, Message me anytime if you want to chat. I’m on here very often but I can be a friend of yours.

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Thank you, I’ll check it out

Do you have any family you could spend time with instead of isolating? I always feel like family should love you more unconditionally.

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I only have my Mom but we don’t talk much

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Clubs, hobbies and sports are good ways to meet people. I have played cricket at the one club for over two decades and it’s a great way to meet people. Sure you won’t be friends with all of them but you get a few you get along well with.

Hobbies and clubs are ways to meet other like minded individuals. Whether you play certain games, indulge in different hobbies- people often meet up to talk shop.

I think it’s good you realize this. Mental illness and modern society are a big problem with isolation. It’s not just limited to mentally ill folk.

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