Someone is in my body

Someone is in my body. They try to control what I say. Why do they care so much. I am innocent.


I’m concerned about you, bud. Is there a support line you can call? You’ve got to stay grounded


I hope you feel better soon. Take care. :sunflower:

that is exactly what you should say, at the right time.

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I once had a counselor tell me “It’s just your head playing tricks on you.”

Talk about being no help!

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No one is in your body. Its impossible.

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No more humorous or delusion encouragement.


do you want to be called Madame? it seems mostly it’s nothing goes.

A little respect and reading the room will get you a lot further.

Just try not to focus on the feeling and distract with activity or something

If a doctor said. “It’s just your head playing tricks on you,” he is talking about his truth. Better than a lie, I’d think…


Jay, when we say, it’s the truth, so many say, No, prove it. like we need to do math or something. ha.

@Daze ,

I seemed to have had people inside me, and I seemed to have thoughts in my head that were not my own. That was an unhappy time in my life.


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