Someone is in love with me

Okay, that’s weird, now I can tell if someone is in love, I think it becomes obvious. so I got this new friend and he fell in love with me since the first moment he saw me, I feel sorry for him, I noticed that he’s not him self anymore, and his friends noticed that as well, he’s always depressed, stressed and confused ! and the weird thing is that he didn’t confess to me. I have been doing a research on love, and they say that love resembles mental illnesses, with its symptoms…we all think that love should be a good thing, I know that it’s a horrible experience, especially if it was from one side, that’s why I stopped my self from falling into this trap…I don’t know if I will ever fall into it consensually…who knows !
what about you? what is your experience with love?
ya I forgot to add that I find it sweet that he’s in love with me, it’s sooo sweet :blush:


It’s romantic madness. Better unrequited. True love does not lose its head and is a lot of work.


I love the topic of love… :heart: :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :purple_heart:

First and foremost… I only find love when it springs from friendship first.

But in the past… When I wasn’t stable, I fell in love all the time. I was in love in one relationship right after the other. I fell in love with someone over the smallest stuff and just wanted to burrow in and be in their life and protect them from every thing. But it never worked out. Sometimes it was all a drug illusion. To me even small love was a huge thing. I was always too intense about love and gave my heart away instantly all the time, almost everyday. Love was a great high. I can still recall how good it tastes. (Fresh water with just a hint of sweet orange and nasturtium flowers.)

But then when I got stable and just recently now that I’m not living in my head, when my sis says, “this person is very much in love with you” I feel odd. I don’t believe it, I can’t believe it. I’m a mess and I’m just barely able to take care of myself. So why would some one be in love with me… what’s wrong with them?

I even now sort of question myself… back then… was it really love or was it XTC? But now, I have to learn love. If I’m going to learn that sort of love, I have to accept it and not push it away. It’s scary. But I’m lucky that the friendship offered me by a specific neighbor has been laced with a lot of patience. So I just have to be brave enough to give this a try. It’s hard and scary.
I have to sort of get my head around the fact that if it doesn’t work out… not let myself go over the edge. I have a lot to learn.

So I’m cautious but hopeful.

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Yes I like talking about love too , I find it sweet :heartbeat:, when I was in my 17’s I did fell in small love that didn’t last…but it was nice.
I think you would find a sweet girl that will lighten up your life, J…

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Thank you for that.

I’ve heard of erotomania and seen some people from my Sz group have a hard time beating that one down. I sort of think I had that delusion in reverse, and it still likes to creep up on me…

I was deeply in love with anyone female/male older/younger… anyone who is nice to me… and they were supposed to understand and accept that I loved them completely so they should love me too.

I’m better now, and I don’t just suction on to someone’s life at all like I used to. But there were some years there that I’m glad I got some help getting over. I would really scare people away. There was no LIKE with me. It was all love or nothing.

As I get more crayons in my emotional crayon box, I’m learning like, and admiration, and it doesn’t have to be intense all consuming love only. I am feeling better about liking myself and accepting like.

Maybe as I get better still, love won’t be so hard or knock me in the head as hard as it used to.

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I like your expression “my emotional crayon box” it holds a very colorful meaning :rainbow:


Thank you for that, but I can’t take credit… my sis used to tell me I had three colors of emotion…

but as I’ve gotten better, I’ve been working for the deluxe box of 64… (with built in crayon sharpener)

Yep, I want to eventually have all the crayons in my emotional crayon box.


What do you mean with this metaphor? Id like to understand it

For me Love is not an attraction to the women I’m with. I don’t fall for no woman. It’s not in my nature. Before I found this out if I felt I loved a woman, she be like EEEwwww. So I stopped that and guess what, women like me now and are attracted. I don’t care what anybody thinks of me. I am still in contact with my first love. Or my first if u will. We say we love each other through text but in a friendly manner. Not some ball and chain, had me on the first line, type crap if u will. True love to me is raising your kid with the same woman you made it with. Puppy love fades fast and reality sets in. If you find someone is in some love delusion, snap him out of it please!


Love is like a tiger in the brush. It will spring upon you without warning. It will consume you.

But what a way to go. :smile:


Love is dangerous. I’ve seen friends fck their lives up over girls they wanted to marry, only for the girl to cheat on them and leave them.

I am open to it, but I would have to be chosen, not chase a girl and try to get her to like me. I think what I mean is, I would take it if it came my way, but I dont look for it and I dont try to make it happen.

I’ve never had a successful relationship, I just have a friend with benefits, and thats not a relationship, that’s someone to satisfy needs with. That’s just like eating or using the restroom- it feels good but it’s just gotta happen and it doesnt mean anything…like eating a birthday cake surrounded by friends singing feels better than eating cake alone at 1am. Or the difference between using cliffsnotes or actually reading shakespeare, that’s the difference between f#cking and making love according to my high school literature teacher. LOL

I truly do feel lonely, it sometimes hurts to have been rejected dozens of times. I can say I’m not ugly, I think I just give off a creep vibe. I just tell myself that girls dont really matter to someone who has survived hell, and I am happy to be in remission, doing outstandingly well in college and making great strides in powerlifting. I think I really do just enjoy the masochism that comes with being deprived of love. It’s how I cope with the pain of never opening up to anyone, never being one with someone I really feel for, whatever love is. It supposedly makes life worth living for some, and I cling to things like titles and achievements…like my education and sports (have a couple of belts in Krav Maga, will be competing in a powerlifting competition this summer, I have a full ride to college, make all A’s and am headed towards research at this rate)

I have a friend who wants to be a dentist, I want to become a psychologist, and we talk about this sort of stuff. He tries to turn me to his side of “save it for later”, meaning wait for happiness until people call you “doctor”. He doesnt care about anything except his work, and I really dont care about anything except my work and continuing my recovery by getting stronger than I ever have been. I talked to my uncle about it, he’s been through some serious problems in his life and come out perfectly well, and he told me that I’m too young.

I sort of have an opinion on love because it’s the one extreme feeling I have never felt. I could ramble about my experiences but I’ve already talked too much.

I always get rejected, if not at first then after a few dates. It’s made me sort of pessimistic and callous. I am a nice person, a good person, but I sometimes think that love would just make me weak. I know that’s not the right attitude. I am not perfect. Im actually pretty messed up emotionally.

I want to know what it feels like…thats the bottom line for me.

This was hard to write, took me half an hour.


There is a man at my workplace who is secretly in love with me. He is much older than me but love has no age. I have not done anything about it because we are both married since ages. He is cute and I like him too. But we will not go any further with it. We like doing work togeather and always have something to talk about. He is one of few who knows I’ve had a major psychosis. It didn’t scare him away.

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@mortimermouse I met my husband when he was 30 years old. My best friend met the woman of his dreams and got married when he was 54 years old. Sometimes love takes time, you can’t force it. I’m sure you too will meet a person who will change your life forever.


Let him down easy…

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i know when i love someone but i dont know when someone loves me,

i get so many mixed messages and women just like playing with my emotions

they give away all these signals that i usually misread and end up on the emotional rock pile

i get really confused by what women do around me no wonder i might have heart problems :frowning:

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Thank you for sharing this mortimermouse, I do have problems with love as well, I think that there is no one is perfect, for example if a guy or a girl can get what ever partner they wish for so I think they can’t feel satisfaction of love through time, they would be empty and hollow, and unable to feel, and we all know how much having the feeling of no feelings feels like!.. and if a person wasn’t able to get the partner that s/he wishes for then love would be a hurtful and painful experience, and after sometime this person would give up on love…
I get my boy friends falling in love for me all the time, but I never seem to get the attention from the guy that I wish for or fall for ! it feels bad, I eventually lose my friends because I didn’t love them back, and can’t get the guy that I wished for, I end up alone with no friends or boyfriends!! that’s how my life goes…what’s wrong with me?! I don’t really know…

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I think men can’t really understand women…that’s no surprise, but the opposite is true, women can understand men, or at least they can be understanding…the problem is if they feel nothing towards a man they can’t be understanding for him, that’s what I know…don’t feel bad about it, daydreamer…
The problem is that I thought that you were a girl/woman ! I don’t know why I thought that…

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it hard for women to try and know a man as a friend without him getting too involved, its a balancing act with them a lot of the time and they have ways that they can try to keep you as a friend but stop you from falling in love with them.

idk how women can do it, and i know its not their fault because i am a guy and our instinct is to find a mate and if you think you have found a potential mate then its natural for a guy to try and pursue that,

idk what women do to stop you from loving them tho maybe a women could help out here lol.

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having a man as a friend is always a risk dreamer. i’ve never been close friends with a man that didn’t eventually want something more and it pisses me off because for me that means the end of the friendship. i would never want to b in the position of giving someone false hope so i think it’s best to end the friendship if he makes his feelings known and they r not reciprocated. twice in the past couple of years i’ve been friends with some one and then months down the line they’ve wanted to sleep with me…or inthe past when i was prettier it turned out they wanted emotional involvement. i have one male friend in 3d who was my husband’s best friend and i would hope that he never hits on me. personally i don’t think he would so i’m pretty relaxed around him. but there r others on facebook that i know would sleep with anyone given the opportunity. it’s difficult to have male friends in 3d coz it always gets messy in the end.

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There is a guy in my cooking group at the day program that is in love with me. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Someone walked up to him and said “hey man, she looks like that chick from Law And Order that does a lot of ball kicking. Are you sure about her?”

:oncoming_police_car: :police_car: :football: :baseball: :basketball: :chestnut: :chestnut: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: