Someone is bullying me over the internet

Not trying to sound needy but I would appreciate the support because this is what normally triggers my suicidal urges.

Last time I ended up in the hospital so please just pray or something I’m rather distressed

Someone here? Is it me? WTF bro don’t be suicidal. It’s just the internet.

No its an old friend he’s bringing up some old stuff that triggers a lot of bad feelings

Is it possible to ignore him? Maybe stay away from the website he is on?


Ah man don’t bother talking to people like that.

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I blocked him.

My Dad used to bully me a lot and thats the worst feeling ive ever had so it triggers me. im literally about to step in the bathtub and swallow Drano. (I wont, so don’t freak out) .

hugs everything will be fine.

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Your too cute and nice to let assholes get to you like that. Block him and go listen to your music :musical_score: I think your a great little kid!!!


Lol thanks. nice prof pic- she got a big booty so i call her big booty -2 chainz

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You’ve got a lot of good moments ahead. Let this negative stuff pass.

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there is a block button

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Ah sweetie, I almost died last year from bullying.

It was master/slave scenario.

It was mind control.

They will use every trick in the book.

Love you, David.

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Delete him then. Simple as that

block don’t work? They making new accounts? Then report the ■■■■■■■■■■■■, maybe they can ban his ip

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No it worked



Is he just trying to get under your skin? Either way it’s unnessary and immature. Don’t let this person get you down seriously! He doesn’t deserve to have that much power over you.

I know it’s hard, bro, but you really have to resist the urge to indulge this jerk. You’re loved here on this forum, so just come here and vent to us.

I know, but it singles us out, and cripples, the bullying is very isolating and grueling on the individual.

Many people don’t see how divisive it is to be torn from the idea you have of yourself, or the love of humanity that isn’t there within a single second of bullying.

If it’s someone on this site who is it?