How does one deal with a bully?

If someone is bullying you, and this bully knows they are in a stronger position than you, and that you are weak, how do you deal with the bully?

Be vocal. Get help. Don’t lose your head.

it depends. Is this in the work place? If so - you need to document every case of bullying you experience - including times, dates and the exchange that took place. Also, mention it to someone who is superior to the person who is bullying you - state that you’ve experienced x sort of behaviour for x amount of time and explain how it affects you.

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Assert yourself, do not act like a victim would, whatever that means for you. You are not weak, no one is in a stronger position, this is why we live in democracy, so that everyone gets the same amount of justice, the law secures that.

If it’s a family member, try to explain to them that you are hurt by what they do, if that does not work, apply the hebrew law: talk to them, if not talk to the rest of the family and expose their wrongdoings, if it still doesn’t work simply avoid them.

Do not let anyone feel you are weaker than them, no one holds any position of superiority enough to bully you in the ccomfort of your own home, not at work or school either, they should be exposed, you should have a support group help you out with this.

However, this is a SZ forum. Are you sure you are being bullied? Maybe you’re just over-interpreting the facts. Try to do your reality check, talk to people around you who witness the behaviours, see if they also think it is bulying or maybe you are just having a persecution mania thought. It might not be true, mind you,but it is a possibility, so please check it out.

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This is the boat I’m in with my most persistent bully, (my slightly younger brother) I’ve talked to him, I’ve talked to family… now I’m at avoiding.

I see constant braggers as bullies to in a way. They just have to steamroll over you. I tend to avoid them too.


Well I know I’m better than everyone everywhere. My parents never questioned my behavior. I was always cute and perfect, mommy’s little angel.

I’ve known a few of them. I fight back, so that attracts attention. They love playing the victim too.

A bully? To ME, everybody’s a bully. And probably your first thought is : I’m personally am being a bully too! But I try not to be even though I see people begging for it. For the umpteenth time, I feel sorry for kids, women, and people in wheelchairs only to have them burn me and get something off me. But that’s OK. I feel better when I give people a fair chance. Even though NOBODY gives ME a snowballs chance in hell. The general public’s motto is : if you can’t win then drag the other guy down with you. I know the guys in Walgreens are making a fool out of me. So they’re fair game. I just want to be left alone but apparently I don’t qualify.

idk if i should answer this…there are many ways…some sorta joking comes to mind, but I’ll try to refrain from the more radical stuff…

Learn spiritual powers to rebuke, defy, banish, or confuse the bully.
Love the bully so they won’t understand what is going on.
learn martial arts… (careful !)
Avoid the bully if possible
Act so completely insane the bully will not want to be anywhere near you.
A big mean dog
A big mean friend.

I’ll stop there…


Hmm, I can do that…

Controlled craziness though…you don’t want to act out so much the person could report you and get you involuntarily hospitalized…so you can’t like be a berzerker wielding a large knife or axe chopping at the air, kicking over tables, and screaming unintelligible nonsense, LOL

My biggest weakness is I feel sorry for people. Most other people I run into have no qualms about making you feel sorry for them and then using it against you. I know I’m not big and bad. I just get sick of being low man on the totem poll at work AND at home. Doesn’t EVERYBODY feel like kicking the crap out of a tormentor sometimes? Maybe you wouldn’t actually do it, but the thought is certainly there.

My sense of humor was my weapon against bullies when I was a young man, didn’t work, I still got hit in the mouth the day before Thanksgiving Day and I still carry the interior scar in my mouth from it too…if there is no danger of physical harm the bully could do to you, stand up and say “leave me alone !!”

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ignore them, don’t let them bother you…but that really hasn’t helped me out in the past.

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