Somebody is burning alot of weed

I can smell it from outside when my windows have been shut all day. My Dad thinks it’s a skunk but I know weed when I smell it. It’s got some kind of another flavour to it. Maybe cheese. But the smell has been there for hours now.

There was a crime report in the paper a few weeks ago, that said cops pulled over and searched a vehicle, and found “possible” marijuana in a bag. Cracked me the ■■■■ up. Like just smell it, you noobs, you will know if it’s weed or not.


“Well it’s green, it smells, and they have papers. We might have some possible marijuana, sgt. Partner.”

My roommates burn a lot. I don’t care if they do, I don’t want any, but sometimes the smell just makes me want to vomit.

The smell of weed makes me want some weed lol. I would find it annoying if I had neighbors who smoked and I could smell it, and I was just sitting here unable to partake.

I don’t do well with marijuana, really messes up my mind. I used to smoke, a lot, for years, but it doesn’t and never really did sit well with me. Just on occasion would I enjoy it.

I loved the hell out of weed for a few years, then it started giving me panic attacks and triggering various symptoms. So now it’s like an ex that I know I shouldn’t sleep with but hot damn it’s tempting. I had to go No Contact with weed lmao.

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I smoke weed off and on…most of the time I can’t afford it. It sends me out of my woes and worries. relaxing to me. extremely relaxing.


Weed isnt a problem for me as alcohol is.

My nieghbor drinks beer all day every day, was up at 10am and he was crackin open a cold one and does somtimes until midnight. it triggers me makes me want to drink. My nieghbor across the street used to smoke weed and offered me some but I refused he moved now and was a real nice guy.

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Worst I ever got with alcohol was a 6 pack a night 2 times a week. I have maybe a beer every couple nights now. With that said I still thought I was abusing alcohol too much to get a little escape.

When I drank I think what stopped me was I had a severe vertigo attack it was like I got knocked out by the heavywieght champ and then whenever I even turned my head was blasted again almost nocking me out I could barely walk and was throwing up. I never drank again after that happened it lasted strong for two days and took me a two weeks until I could ride a bicycle again.

:anguished: that sounds awful! Glad you’re okay though!

I remember I had one beer at a bar and thought people were talking about me.

When I get drunk I have very “spiritual” experiences. I don’t drink very often, though. The last time I got really drunk was several years ago while up north in the woods with a group of people. They claim that at one point I was having a heated philosophical argument with a tree.

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I go out every once in a while but don’t drink at all while there. Just shoot pool and hang out with my friends while they get… way too drunk sometimes. I pretty much only drink at home, where it’says comfortable for me. BUT don’t drink if it’s at all negative for you.

Trees are old, wise, and quiet. If I were a plant, I bet I’d be a tree.

I was getting a good buzz off of alcohol but once it wore off I was worse off than before I drank.

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I bet I’d be a psilocybe cubensis colony.

People would pass me in the woods, and I’d be all like, “Hey strangers, wanna fly through the universe?”

And that’s when they’d remember that they already ate some of my fruits, that’s why they think I’m talking to them.

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I puke at the smell of alcohol… weed on the other hand … Addictive…

Use to smoke everyday from 18 till 24… took a year off… Smoked 5 times since… Last time was 3 months ago… Don’t plan to go back…
And when I say smoke I mean no more than 2 hits… I’m a light weight

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