Some weirdo at the park

I’m parked at the park eating an Egg McMuffin in my car. Some guy is pacing back and forth behind my car. He’s walked directly behind my car more than 20 times. No one else is around. I tried telling myself it’s a coincidence and has nothing to do with me but there is nothing here and he walks back and forth every minute. He looks disturbed. It’s making me nervous.


Stop calling me a weirdo.

So r00d.


Maybe they have akathisia?


He may have a mental illness. Or maybe he’s under the influence.

In any case, I would move your car elsewhere so you have a more peaceful experience.


I went to the park earlier today with a friend and his little daughter. There was this guy looking fishy, waddling from one foot to the other (not sure I described his motion correctly… but maybe you get the picture) and muttering to himself. We took a detour…

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lol i thought this was about me!

Maybe he switched bodies with a seagull and he wants your McMuffin.


I’d go. He might be trying to make up his mind if he wants to mug you.


I would of moved spots. :snake::snake::snake:


Your 3 snakes look really cute :joy: how they are queued up and all simultaneously sticking out their tongue at you :sweat_smile:

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I was out fishing with my ex and my dog once and this guy with a camp shovel came out of nowhere right by me. I had walked off on my own, with my dog. Keep in mind my girl was the sweetest, friendliest dog ever. She was also bonded to me

She began just snarling at this guy. He asked if she would bite and I said “only if I tell her to”. He walked off. My ex said he never saw a car or that guy at all. One of the only times I ever saw him concerned about me.

Moral of the story- there be some creepy people.


@ZombieMombie you handled that really well. I’m very relieved for you. Very smart thinking!

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I don’t know what made me think of that so fast. Normally I would have laughed and said no.


Yeah. I grew up in a ghetto. Usually I have the correct response and don’t let my guard down. The one and only time I did, I got drugged, kidnapped and turned out for 3 months until I escaped. Seriously. I’m so glad your instincts kicked in

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Maybe offer him a bite of your sandwich? Sharing is Caring!

Something similar happened to me. Was in the walmart parking lot and this guy was half naked looking really sketch knocking on my window every minute nervously. I just ignored him. Then the cops that were circling the parking lot spotted him and he took off running. Poor kid.

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