Some thoughts in poetry at 3am

when the time comes
will i be alright
when the time comes

when the time comes
will i be ready
will i be steady
ready for the get go

and when i get there
will i be able
able to enjoy
the show

or will i be down
will i be low
and will i miss the show
i hope i dont miss the show

i just want to travel
to distant lands
but i want to be safe
i hope i am safe

i dont want to miss out
i dont want it to be all a blur
i want memories
sweet memories
to be remembered for all time

just because i have an illness
doesnt mean i cant have fun
just dont let this thing get in the way
of happiness

for that is one thing that we all seek

dont be a shadow
of a former self
dont be a puppet
stuck on the shelf
only to dance
to another mans tune
pulling your strings
making you loon

dont be a puppet
cut all your strings
dance your own dance
sing what you sing

you are not a puppet
no-one is unless they let themselves be
the problem is that the strings were never there
they were only in our mind
imaginary strings
forged in darkness

don’t be a shadow
don’t hide behind me
for i am living and you
are in the corners of my eye

its hard to fathom a shadow
but i believe it has depths
of great measure
penetrating even beyond
the deepest darkest recesses
of hell

we were all darkness once
where the light was born in a great engine
where we were in the beginning
the combustion chamber feeding on
elements from another age, another time.
until there is nothing left and darkness cannot
feed on darkness, so it cannot breathe, it cannot feed
so it implodes, it chokes, its walls collapse
then BOOM another galaxy, another cycle
another rotation of Gods divine plan.
he truly is the master builder


I like parts of these very much. Simon + Garfunkel sang a song Wednesday Morning 3 AM.