Vegan store is so expensive =(

I bought faux cheddar cheese and faux mozzarella, 4 vegan burger patties, and each was like 5 - 6 bucks.
Vegan food should be much cheaper than animals, people would buy it often.

I checked organic meat products and a slice of a steak was like 20 bucks. Compared to 4 -6 bucks from a regular store.

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Regular foods are pretty safe, I think it’s a waste of money buying the specialty stuff. We probably do more damage just breathing the air in most places.

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Would probably find it easier to make own burger of falafel patties. Mixes for this lebanese dish are easy to find in any supermarket but unsure if vegan certified. Is much easier to just go vegetarian …

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Yeah, no. It would have to not taste like vegan food for me to consider it. I’d give the current rubbish a pass even if it was free. If someone develops a plant-based meat that can’t be distinguished from real meat at comparable prices, I’ll buy it. Until then… Meh.

Oh come on. Would you cut a cow’s head by a sharp sword or electrocute a cow who you have kept in your farm for years to eat it’s meat and chew down the hormones then throw the rest in the garbage?

Our cattle were organic (so no hormones), but, otherwise, yes. Did so regularly. Had the animals processed by a qualified butcher. Nothing like organic beef and poultry fresh off the farm.

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I wish healthy food in general wasn’t so expensive :frowning:

You lived on a farm? I would absolutely love to hear about that !!!

I just IMO can not won’t and do not like to eat another living creature with eyes and feet… even fish… It feels weird and against my nature. I can not kill a roach… imagine a furry or a big animal. It is like prehistoric humans killing newborn babies… they are innocent.

Eh… Spending a decade in the country will change your views on a few things. Cattle are amongst the dumbest creatures on Earth. Utterly incapable of surviving on their own now. Deer? Oversized rats that just happen to taste good. Foxes? Vermin. I used to think Bambi was cute until after spending ten years trying to keep him out of my garden.

yeah but humans bred them to eat them. It feels strange?! as they escape for their lives and such.

I’m not blind to the ethical implications, but I also admit that I’m not consumed by them. Give me a quality alternative that replicates the meat eating experience at a comparable cost and I’ll go for it. The PETA guilt approach hasn’t worked, won’t work. This is a problem waiting for science to provide the fix.


I do not even follow PETA but you know… In the new age and ethical teachings of spiritual leaders, so is someone weaker than you , you just use and abuse it. ? I am not arguing with you, everybody is free and I still eat meat when I go to parties but for me… it is not something important. Meat does not mean anything special to me, other than harming an innocent creature, so better without it. An alternative is so many delicious fruits, seeds, and roots… vegetables…

My other half is like you, he goes hunting… I grew up in a hunting’ family, we had so many taxidermy of animals in our house… He absolutely loves meat… we are different people.