Some songs are about voices in their heads

So, hearing voices is a common thing, i guess. What you think :thinking:?

Maybe among artists but they tend not to be very normal or on some kind of drug they also may be talking about this conscious

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In recent decades there’s been a surge in interest for schizophrenia. It’s reflected in increased media coverage and more thematic movies / songs. It fascinates some people, who associate it with the supernatural, but they don’t pause to think about how much suffering sz entails.

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They wouldn’t understand unless they actually go through it themselves


Yeah, I even got stopped on the streets by a young lady who wanted me to donate for a cause; when I told her I was unemployed due to mental illness, she said “oooh, my sister has schizophrenia, she speaks so much nonsense, it’s funny listening to her ramblings” all while laughing. I was much dismayed.


Oh gosh that’s horrible

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Yeah, sometimes people show so much lack of empathy. And the lady was working for a charity… but what she said to me… I mean it was her own sister ffs, she could’ve been more compassionate.


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