Some people you just can't reach

And hatred for the schizophrenic who knows you gotta choose big pharma.

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Wish mentally ill people would given more time in hospitals but it costs the economy to much money. I always think governments (we) are trying to make money to help the ill and needy.

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Ok i was talking about the backlash i get on Facebook. But yeah you re right.

I get no backlash from my family and friends on Facebook about Big Pharma because most of my family doesn’t know I take meds. And my friends know but they are supportive of me. (That’s why they are my friends).

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Maybe I’m much more open than you. Minds instantly go to abuse death and manipulation by psychiatry.

Most people are not informed

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Distrust of professionals and pharmaceuticals is something that leads a lot of sz people to pretty bad situations in life. I wish more people would understand how necessary they are, despite the bad side


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