Some people piss me off

Really they do… I’m happy today but it’s terrible that some people want to trigger your psychosis. I’m a lot stronger than they think, I’ve been around the block a few times. I’m just a nice person but it’s time that I stop trying to be open.

The last few years has messed with me and this is what I learned

Stress will trigger my strange beliefs . I’m stuck trying to figure why someone is doing this to me. And I start connecting and connecting . It starts to sound like a conspiracy theory.

The last few years I suffered fools in relationships with people. I try really hard to be emotions intelligent in these scenarios. And this is where therapy/ counseling/emotional support is valuable.

Half I don’t know if I have this illness anymore because I now realize where half it is coming from. So I never tell anyone about it. I think I’ve been mocked for it in fact when I first moved here, a psychiatrist laughed right in front of my face about my diagnosis’s I received from the other drs. And said “you have that let alone depression?!”

I guess I don’t look like I do … now I just get triggered let alone trying to figure out why some people at my old job and current job keep ganging up on me?

I guess I need to stop overthinking and find new coping mechanisms . Luckily I have a good enough support system and was able to talk it out with my bf

It’s probably a good idea I get a therapist soon and develop better coping skills because the ones I had before aren’t working in regards of toxic work environments

I’m really scared when I leave in may these people will follow me and try to terrorize me but my bf reassured me that’s not going to happen

I was really happy when I moved here and optimistic and I thought I was doing alot better

But now I’m actually angry/ sad and little scared that these people are going to follow me and bf to our new place

Really strange

All I can say is I’m doing alot better

Maybe other people can relate?


I just got a new therapist to learn new coping skills. I don’t get angry easily but I do internalize stuff and I have bad anxiety. I relate to the fear of leaving the house and being terrorized. I highly recommend getting the therapist to learn new skills. It’s your best bet.


Only some? That’s pretty good. 99%of the world gets on my nerves.


I think therapy is a good start it can at least help set a foundation for healthier habits

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Well… I get anxiety I get frustrated and sad because you are told one thing then it contradicts it. I hate when my family diminishes any experiences I have and blame my mental health on it. It’s like my diagnosis took some of my credibility away and that pisses me off. It’s frustrating. I think I’m much more emotionally intelligent now and handled several situations a lot better than I did before. I used to let people mess with me but I know how to deal with it but on an emotionally intelligent level.

I would say anger happens towards the end but I just get frustrated. I ended up fighting one of the situations and it turns out I wasn’t the only person

But now recently more people are trying to mess with me … and I’m like why? It’s confusing. I never done anything out of the ordinary but mind my own business. It’s like they hate me for no reason

And this has been following me for several years and got worse at my last job and calmed down more recently at my current job.

Generally these people are sociopaths to me and they don’t mind it
About the person I reported—
These two sociopath just left their job they do everything without thinking that’s why they got up and left because people like them realize they can’t get away with playing games like that . Tbh both of them look like they’ve been involved in crime and had a bad upbringing. Typical for them to act out and just leave or go to jail/prison or whatever they may go after the fact.

But now there are other people that are ganging up on me. And now they are trying to tell me how ugly I am or dumb I am. I am not ugly or dumb. I know I’m not. That frustrates me. Actually when I look at them they are projecting pretty badly onto me . I don’t get it what did I ■■■■■■■ do? I am working with someone who I knew since I was 5. We are like family she told me, and she told me as I was waiting my managers desk she hates me and mingling with the same ■■■■■ who said I was not one of the pretty girls….I do my job and my manager says I do a good job. That there is no reason for anyone to start or say stuff to me. This reminds me of the bullying I went through at my last job.

Where and what did I say or do to inspire these fake ass people to say ■■■■ like that to me…

I never had this kind of bullying in my life except for in 2nd grade and 5th grade for childish reasons but that was all in the past.

Here it’s like people are just making up reasons to attack me and I’m clueless because I don’t know why or what no one has told me yet.

I ended up getting reassurance from my bf that these people are just f—heads they are stupid and don’t have anything better to do. They are full of sh—

Tbh I’m glad I have multiple life experiences to know that this isn’t the case for me everywhere

But these ■■■■■■■ people want to isolate me and make me feel like that this is my whole world

And at this point I need to stop giving a ■■■■ about them

I just am so ■■■■■■■ disturbed after that’s guy who I reported. And why because he ■■■■■■ with the ice machines in front of me to intimidate me. I had this new coping mechanism and everything was going dandy and fine until it started to get physical. I ■■■■■■■ got scared I cried and called out. It was like they are planning a physical attack on me. And that’s when I reported it.

Now it’s over and all I can do is just try to go back to my old coping skills but after the attempt to intimidate me and try to attack me idk what if I keep letting them do it one of them will try to follow me and attack me. Now I’m tearing up thinking they will never leave me alone. They even tried to minimize it. They are trying to control or put fear in me or power trip or lower my self esteem. This is probably one of the worse experiences I’ve dealt with. The misogyny is pretty ■■■■■■■ terrible here. Idk how I made myself an easy target

I just got a new therapist to learn new coping skills. I don’t get angry easily but I do internalize stuff and I have bad anxiety. I relate to the fear of leaving the house and being terrorized. I highly recommend getting the therapist to learn new skills. It’s your best bet.

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I’ve been bullied many times by people and it’s a really demeaning experience. It can make you feel worthless. But you’re not. And I’m not. Somehow, we have to learn to carry ourselves in a way that says we won’t put up with that without walking around angry and bitter all the time. It’s something I’m trying to work on. Plus, we need coping skills for when it does happen.

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I totally agree with you since25. I feel the same way.


Yes I can relate, when I am off medication, there’s a lot of triggers, suddenly when I am on medication, all my triggers seems trivial

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I was bullied, being bullied, will be bullied by my own family members. It’s complicated. I got pretty messed up because of that. Now I am managing somewhat and need constant support. This place gives me that. And I will find my space in this world somehow to overcome.

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Sherri I have been through the things you’re experience too. Be strong and live your life the best you can. And keep going strong.


Yes going strong is the motto.

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Bullying is everywhere and becomes more sophisticated in higher places. It is about building better coping skills and being on medication also helps to be less sensitive. I’ve been fine without medication for several years but now things are getting tougher. I’m considering medication to make me less sensitive to it. I am fortunate to have my bf as a support system.

Medication is good at making me less sensitive to things. I just hate can you guess? Side affects lol I’ve been fine without it but I need to be able to do certain things that causes high stress I’ll probably have to go back on it

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