Some of my recent artworks

I’m oliver a schizophrenic, I make paintings that aren’t typical of people with my condition, usually people suffering from schizophrenia draw really cryptic or relative artwork to their condition and we are often branded as strange or creepy artists by normies. just wanted to show that our thoughts and processes can be quite normal when we are not having a psychotic episode.


Those are cool, amazing you drew those. They look like photographic pictures that were generated into animated…

there are a lot of good artists on this board I hardly got the idea that they were strange or creepy…then again I’m not a normie. But anyways, cool thanks for sharing.


thanks big jon! you can watch the process videos of how I painted them here vimeo(dot)com/olivermccann (sorry new user cant post links yet)
I guess I get that impression that normies feel that way because I watch a lot of youtube videos about schizophrenic artists and they often focus on the darker side of the artworks with insensitive ‘creepy’ music playing in the background


These are super cool what program do you use??

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I mostly paint in photoshop


You paint with remarkable realism. You’re good.


Very talented. I like them.

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Love them! Very realistic!!!

It looks awesome I’d love to see more sometime!

I watched the process video for “blue”. Really interesting to see how your art is created. You’re very talented!

Great job! Those look amazing!! Keep it up.

amazing work man. I am impressed…I am a primitive painter. I can do reproductions well but thinking up original art is very hard for me. good for you man.

Thanks for sharing. I like the art work! Very good eye you have. I draw a lot. And yeah, I guess my drawings are all weird. Some are creepy. Sometimes I try to draw real scenery just to be different.

I’m having a difficult time drawing while I’m on risperidone.
My style is more abstract.

You are very talented @McCann_Oliver.
Great stuff.

truly beautiful!!! youre very talented!

Do you sell prints? I’m broke as hell right now but if I ever got some money I would love some of these on my wall