Some of my delusions this week

I thought I was rich and was going to buy Cuba and create a new system of living there. It would expand to all of South America, where I would be president. Unite with Mexico in this new system of living. America had their own plans and didn’t want to join. This system grows great and I am the controller of most of the currency in the world. Canada joins us in this new system of living, and China nukes America. The united nations make their move against China, Russia attacks country close by, India joins my new system of living. Then a complete nuclear war happens, and most of the world is destroyed. I rise up and lead them all, creating a one government world. The End

Thats pretty elaborate man. At least youve got an imagination going

It was more of a imagination I had when I was sitting outback for a morning smoke. that’s what Boredom does to you I guess