Some legendary Mentally Ill People (Completely Personal Opinion)

I’m new on the forum. So I wanted to post something. Something encouraging. Inspiring. Motivational. These are the real life people, some of you might already know about them, who inspire me. Who even after having a setback did really great in life. People like Dr.Daniel B. Fisher, Dr.Frederick Frese, Dr.Carol North, Dr.Elizabeth Baxter, Dr.Mark Vonnegut, Nobel Laureate John Forbes Nash Jr., his son Johnny Nash.
What do you guys think about them?


they are all great but you forgot me haha :stuck_out_tongue: jk


But you know what I would like to add your name in the list if you really go on to achieve something great like them. (I’m not trying to undermine you)

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hahaha, that is a dream of mine tbh to become one of the greats, maybe it is a delusion of grandeur but i like to think its achievable, people like them give you hope and show people like us that you can still achieve a great deal even if you have this disease,

You forgot Elys Sachs. She is a professor I believe at a college.


Hi welcome to the forum,

The success stories are important. They tell the docs that surviving this, over coming this and not just living, but living well is possible.

I think as more research happens, more treatments develop, and more minds broaden, we all have a better chance then the generation before us… those a head of us have a better chance then we did.

P.S. Sid Barrett of Pink Floyd
Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys
Jack Kerouac the famous Beat Author

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Her name’s Elyn Saks. I know her. Didn’t forget. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia after completing her higher studies. That’s why I didn’t mention her.

Hmmm. After? I thought it was during. Because I’m pretty sure she was hospitalized WHILE going to school.

I read that she had first episode after graduating.

Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln were both subject to bouts of intense depression.


“When you’re going through hell, keep going”.

Winston Churchill


Welcome. I have only heard of John Nash. But I’m not in America. I’m European.

think more people with bipolar become famous but they don’t suffer as much i don’t think.

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I read mark vonnegut’s 2nd book and he was re-dx as bipolar with psychosis.

One of my favorite philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche, had a mental breakdown in late adulthood.


This guy is pretty damn cool.

It depends on which type of bipolar you are talking about. Many of the celebrity bipolar people have the type 2 variety - with bipolar type 2 the manias are not as intense, they usually get milder forms of mania called hypomania (small mania)
they function pretty well, they are prone to depression - but most of them function fine.
There is another type of bipolar - the type 1 variety, this kind of bipolar subjects the person to full blown mania - sometimes psychosis is involved - they also suffer from depression usually. The type 1 variety is a lot more disabling than the type 2 variety usually. I suffer from bipolar type 1 with mixed episodes and psychotic features - my doctors feel I also most likely suffer from some schizophrenia - so its bipolar with some SZ.
Classic bipolar type 1 can be disabling, but in my opinion not as challenging to have than schizophrenia - usually


My youngest brother was diagnosed back in May with Bipolar type 1 and despite all his efforts, he’s still not back on his feet.

There are some days it’s hard watching him struggle.

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Yeah that’s one of my worries too. My younger brother seems to do well but I worry a lot. Just reminding him that I’m here for him makes me feel better, and I do that a lot. Don’t lose hope.

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