Some jobs we've worked


I do work. I don’t work for money but value to the community right now.

What kind of jobs have you all had? Not a list of jobs by any means of course. I don’t even know how many jobs I’ve had, I’m not exactly sure. I currently work with my mind and a little of myself in the work. It’s casual but of course I’m working with my reputation in a way as well. In the words of a loved one "As expectation rises, profits (*prophets?) decrease. It was in a song I played drums for anyway.

But I’ve done anything from low end work in high end or commercial restaurants to cooperatively managing a farming community. I helped run a wood furnace operation that supplied heat to most of a 90 acre community farm and kept it going even at 2:00am but it made for a great stop off to do sort of thing with a the right date.

The greatest work I’ve ever done was unpaid too. It paid otherwise, in other maybe more important at the time ways.

That’s how I’m viewing work right now anyway.


US army 3years
taco bell
operative plasterers and cement masons
669 union fire sprinkler fitters (did sprinklers for ufc corporate office)
Kelly Williamson mobile
local seed mill
navy reserve
USMC 5 months


I’ve gotten a few day jobs living on the street. The problem with a lot of those jobs is that they are dirty or greasy, and you ruin your clothes working on them. There goes half your income. I’ve delivered a pretty fair amount of pizza to earn a living. Your job security there depends on the health of your car. Pizza delivery is one of those jobs where they will hire just about anyone. Turnover in that job is high. You just need to know how to cover the gaps in your job history when you fill out the application. Another job that will hire just about anyone is telemarketing. Most people hate being called by telemarketers, but they’re willing to do it to earn a living.


I’ve never had a job. I view my writing - which has long been on the shelf - and sometimes posting here as ‘my work’ I have been paid once for a poem and once for the use of a painting.


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I’ve worked retail, I was a tour guide at a cave one summer, and I spent a few years washing dishes at a University cafeteria. Right now I work for myself making historical clothing and costumes. I don’t make a lot doing it, but it’s low stress enough that I can do it, and it’s something I enjoy.


Many department stores. My first job out of the hospital in 1983 was working at hot tub-massage joint for four years. They invented a title for me : Hot tub Technician. I was in charge of monitoring the temperature of the water in the hot tubs for customers. Optimal temperature was from 90 degrees to 106. Sometimes when I wasn’t paying attention I accidentally heated the water to 130 degrees! At that temperature the plastic insides “blister”, causing dime-sized bubbles too erupt on the walls of the hot tub. It was actually an interesting job. I had a multitude of tasks and responsibility. I’ve worked at many restaurants. Park Ranger. Warehouse work.


i have always worked too.
at one time i washed dishes in a pub/restaurant…
people left me alone…
but i have pretty much always been self employed…works around my illness.
take care


Tend to work myself up to management roles and tends to be where I flake out. As symptoms start flaring due to the stress. Catering tends to be my most skilled area and is my major background. Hate the hours though.

Farming - Wheat and sheep. Mosty the seeding season. So driving tractors at alarming speeds of like 5 miles an hour.

Worked at an orchard also for a season.

Last job was working in a supermarket - Shelf stacking - What we call night fill but also did dairy fill. Had originally planned on going back to school and was studying at night. Cut out the studying and had planned on changing that to day study and work at night. But with more hours and responsibilities with the night fill. Was coming home at like 3am and totally wound up. So up all night and was struggling to even get up in the morning. Still thinking on the studying part again. Everythings still up in the air after all hell broke loose after a med reduction trial about 2010.

Free work and volunteering etc.
To many to mention really. Helped my dad out a lot as he owned his own business and run from home.
One of my most rewarding and challenging experiences was volunteering.for riding for the disabled. Varies on what I did there but mostly leading the riders on the horses. I use to ride and had worked at a riding school in my very early teens in exchange for riding lessons


I’ve worked a lot of retail. Macy’s, Old Navy. I was a personal trainer for a little while at LA Fitness and a office clerk at a painting company.


I worked at a movie theater, a pet store, for the government, for a law school, and for my dad. I liked retail. I was good at it. I liked picking blueberries on the farm.


I worked as a second shift switchboard operator, 1979-2008. It is a fairly compatible job for an Sz. Howsever, today’s employers want you to “put a smile in your voice” every time you answer the phone UGH!


I usually end up doing mechanical things, I took vocational auto mechanics in high school, I got my first computer when I was 13. Anybody remember the vic 20? I’ve been a carpenter, I have my HVAC license, and I have even been a vending machine repairman. I also was a maintenance mechanic in a glass factory, which was the scariest job I ever had. I was the assistant engineer in a major hotel in indianapolis, in. I also have my electrician’s license.

Each job I have had always went up for me until I got stressed out and the sz came back with a vengeance. I have hella skills, and I have gotten to the point where I can fix damn near anything. I am on disability though, because my sz has gotten to the point that I am not able to keep a regular job. I can’t do more than a two or three day a week thing, and then it’s never the same two or three days, so I have no way of being dependable.

I still do a lot of side work on cars, furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, washing machines, etc. I just can’t work often enough to make a living at it. I do a lot of work for my dad, but I don’ charge him anything. He’s my dad. I just can’t. I do give his girlfriend some major cut rate deals though.

I fix stuff for my sister and brother in law too. I don’t give them nearly as good a deal as I give my dad’s girlfriend, but it’s still half of what they would pay a garage, plumber, electrician, or HVAC tech. Oh, I also am the volunteer blacksmith at my local museum for the grade school tours. That is my fave thing to do.


hmmmmm. i’ve been a bar maid rising to assistant manager, an apprentice hair dresser rising to colour technician, a fairway cutter on my dad’s golf course where i also got to drive at the alarming speed of 5mph, a waitress, a street greeter for a timeshare company, a trainee realtor and a receptionist at the same estate agents and a receptionist at a timeshare development…i spent a total of one hour at an advertising space sales room where the manager askd me out and told me i was very pretty…i left about 30 minutes later. i didn’t like his attentions…kinda freaked me out a bit. oh and as a cook in a public house for a few months.


Paperboy, grain handler. Trainee Baker, Contracter building massive Grain Silo’s. Trainee Carpet layer with my uncle. Haven’t worked for 8 years


I work in the NHS as admin.


i worked as a green keeper on a golf course for a while…it was the stray golf balls …’ .pinging ’ of the tractor that you had to watch…!?!
take care


Manager/Haircutter for 13.5 years,
Babysitter every weekend and 2-3 nights during the week for8 years.
Photographers assistant at a 12thousand seat arena, didn’t get paid, but I got to see almost every show for free for 11 years.
Travelled all through Europe as a helper at trade shows, setting up the booth, helping customers, packing the booth up, again no pay, but I travelled for free.


Stockperson, Bicycle mechanic, waiter, dishwasher, burger flipper sandwich maker in restaruants.


“Pizza delivery is one of those jobs where they will hire just about anyone.”
The one I worked at should have been called “weed hut - baked street”. Even the managers were high almost every night…