What Jobs can you do?

Ok I have work on my mind and I wonder are most people able to work? No? Yes?
What do you like to do?
If I didn’t work I would be dead so that’s why its important to me.


I’m glad you’ve got a job that is helping you. What is your job if you don’t mind me asking?

My job has been a life saver for me at times. It’s not always been easy to keep going… but it does give my life some structure. I got plugged in through a vocational training program. I had to work up to full time. I was put on part time janitor for a while… then got more hours… then got transferred to parks… little by little.

For now… I’m a gardener/ groundskeeper with the parks department. … I spend my day out in the parks. It’s just me alone sometimes… or just a very small crew. It’s not mentally taxing work. But it is physical… and spending my days out in the parks has helped me a lot. I’m in school so I have a shot at being transferred to the green houses. I would also love to work with the community gardens more…

There are times where I also think… if I didn’t have this job… I’d be dead.


Cities are so stressful for Anyone. I think that’s why there are so many ill in the streets.

I often think if I lived on a farm I would be happier and I like the outdoors so why am I stuck inside all day? To pay the bills? I have worked so long now that maybe I’m thinking of what would make me happy instead of making other people people happy.

And now I may be able to retire this decade. What will I do then?
after many jobs I currently test water for power plants.
This job will keep me on until I want to stop!


I worked all of my life. In my youth I worked at different positions, from paper boy to working in the food/ restaurant business as a waiter.
Right after college I started my career in Education.

I was a substitute teacher at the Elementary level, then became a Paraprofessional Special Education Aide at the Elementary level, working with many Autistic children.

I worked at this position for decades, until I could no longer work - the stress did me in.
My Mom was a classroom Aide, and so was my Aunt - so their is a history there.

I worked with special accommodations - but always had a stellar record and excellent evaluations.
I am currently on disability


Nothing special. Unloading trucks or stocking shelves in department stores, Hot tub technician, cooking or washing dishes in restaurants, doing labor like recycling various materials, working on production lines or material handling in warehouses, assembly work, and I’m currently doing janitorial work. And I was a Park Ranger for two years. I’ve also done some work for temp agencies.


I dont have a job that i attend. I go to college and am developing my own software. Which takes up all my time.



I’m trying to develop a way to make money writing and selling songs but it isn’t working out too well right now so I’m not really considering this work.

I don’t know what I’d like to do besides crawl into a hole for a while.

What I have done:

Jimenez arms employee
operative plasterer union member
669 vegas fire sprinkler fitters union member
taco hell
tele collector for a (crooked) credit card company FNBM
janitor at shopco
army paratrooper crew served weapons (arty, etc.)
Tile washer in Madison (tooough work no knee pads)

I worked at Mobile as a gas station attendant and that’s about the time I committed suicide with a sams club bottle of Tylenol. I don’t think I’ve ever gone back to that station even to get gas. It was a pretty haunting experience when I first got psychotic from (symptoms).

Seed mill worker in HS, forgot oops

in my experience, anything ’ not ’ involving customer service…!?!
take care :alien:

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Not sure I could do the office cubicle jobs again… My back has gotten pretty crappy. I might be able to help the elderly get to doctor appointments, get groceries, cook, clean… I currently do these for our 90 year old parents. Certainly seems like a booming industry :smile:

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I’ve worked in a variety of places. I currently work in an office.

A list:

Library student worker
Popcorn cashier at a movie theater
Blueberry picker
Pet Store cashier
Retail Associate

I like working with people, but I like to have my own office to withdraw to from time to time.


I worked previous to my diagnos8 as a planning and development supervisor, a project manager, a warehouse operations manager and finally as a supply chain analyst. After I got diagnosed I worked in two different companies as a warehouse manager which evolved working with huge number of people and now I’m waiting the paper process to finish and travel to saudi Arabia to work as a warehouse planning specialist at a huge group of companies that operates in electromechanical, constructions, contracting and manufacturing. It is a very demanding job but I hope I will succeed in maintaining it for at least three months, that’s my short term goal then for a year and that’s my med term goal and 5 years later on. If I complete 5 years I will have be saving some money to enter college and pursue my masters. It’s not as successful as it may sound I do have a lot of negative symptoms in my daily life but I hope with the full timer I will have more structure and it would steer my steps in life.