Some days I feel like I will end up cool and happy

But I have just as many days where I feel my life will end up lame and ugly.
It will probably end up a happy medium.


I think the dread of the unknown keeps our survival instincts in tact.

I think even the most polar extremes can be overcome.

Take care.


Mate. I appreciate the mundane a lot more these days. A day without drama is good for me. A day of some hard work and that satisfaction you get from physical work. All’s I know is that cool and happy is achievable. Just ride out the bad stuff and enjoy those small moments. Life really is worth living.


Yes, I feel the same way most of the time. But on the contrary, lol, isn’t playing competitive sports full of drama? Yeah, my twenties had a lot of drama I don’t miss. And I too find physical work rewarding.

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Yeah fair cop @77nick77 . Most of my drama comes from helping out and dealing with the politics of the place. Cricket not so much. Still. A sports club of 80 men and some women really is some drama but I’m older and wiser now. Keep on keeping on my friend.

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