Solution to inappropriate emotions?

Other than completely suppressing emotions with meds? Meds don’t really fix emotions in the lImbic system, instead they just block dopamine there and suppress emotions. Result? A zombie. Not feeling alive, etc


Have a mantra you can repeat and never forget. It kept me from exploding in public many times.

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What are the inappropriate emotions you are talking about?

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Inapproprite laughter, inappropriate thoughts, etc

Disorganized thoughts too.

Oh okay. I’m honestly not sure what to advice. I had an issue with inappropriate laughter a while ago. It eventually passed as I got used to my meds.

Is it possible you are just having a rough patch, and repressing your feelings are making them come out like this?
Maybe try and express your emotions more openly so you don’t get weird build up of feelings?

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I have none on meds. If I stop meds I get emotions and energy but emotions are inappropriate.

Are you able to talk to a psychiatrist about this? I feel like maybe they could advice you a lot better than I.

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For me when I had laughter issues it was when I was seriously depressed and putting on a front in front of people. Like I would get hysterical when people said things that didnt make sense to me or were mildly humourous. I think it was when I had stopped my meds and was off them for a while.

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He prescribed Wellbutrin but it made my positive worse and insomnia. He said sz is lack of dopamine in some brain parts and too much dopamine in other parts. Antipsychotics reduce dopamine in all the brain. Thers no meds that reduce dopamine in specific sz brain parts nor meds that increase dopamine in specific sz brain parts.

Same it only happens off meds.

Off meds I become sadistic.

Fasting can help people gain self control

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I tried fasting and dieting last year, it made me more tired and sleep all day. It didnt help the sz. I guess having no emotions is better than being angry and having inappropriate emotions.

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