Sodium Benzoate For Schizophrenia sounds promising

Sodium Benzoate For Schizophrenia
Idea: Sodium benzoate (mostly used as food and drink preservative) is pretty damn good for Schizophrenia:

Proof: They tried it:

It reduced symptoms by 21%. it’s plenty.
Why it could helps as I understand it with my limited knowledge:
The paper is all about NMDA hypofunction hypothesis and DAAO. NMDA hypofunction is a rather accepted hypothesis about the cause of schizophrenia. And a D-amino acid oxidase (DAAO) inhibitor, such as Sodium Benzoate, will increase the level of D-Serine, which in turn reduces NMDA hypofunction.

In fact, they have found out that people with Schizophrenia have too much DAAO and if you Inhibit it, it might turn out to be a gut thing I suppose. →

Another reason why I personally think it might help: The Microglia Activation issue.

Microglia are defence cells of the nervous system of sorts, that when out of control can cause inflammation and all kind of bad things. Like damage. That kind of thing. They call it Microglia Activation then.
Some research people believe schizophrenia is caused by inflammation and it’s consequences caused by Microglia Activation. ->

And guess what. Sodium Benzoate reduces all kinds of inflammatory responses in Microglia. (at least in lab) →

What do you think? Sounds good doesn’t it?

I believe this Sodium Benzoate stuff is actually rather safe. All over the Internet they are crying like it’s bad and harmful but not one of their sites has a valid claim. They are just scaring people. I failed to find any rather scientific paper on it being harmful. It the study they gave the patients 1 gramm per day. The FDA limit for 1 litre of beverage is 150mg so taking 1 gramm per day is like drinkling lots of soda. Big deal.

And I do not believe the Sodium Benzoate + Vitamin C = Benzene either. I can remember that it takes at least 50°celsius, UV light and the presence catalyst metals to happen. (correct me if I’m wrong)

I’m not suggesting anyone to go and taking it just like so. Do whatever you do at your own risk.



Hmm - Sounds interesting …

Sold!!! Now im going to start injecting it with a needle.


Calm down dude :wink:


Wait, im to poor right now, I guess ill just inject myself with dr. Pepper.


No really though, im currenrly about to look up foods high in sodium benzoate to test this out. Low sugar healthy foods that is.

Food grade Sodium Benzoate is easily “orderable” and cheaper than dr. Pepper. And I suppose a person can drink the solution instead of injecting it, which is pretty dumb. I’m not suggesting anything. Just looked online and a shop which sells spices also sells that (I suppose for preservation of food and such). Stop bumping my thread now. (or don’t)
food high in SB would be Cinnamon oil (possibly more dangerous than chemical SB) and Cranberry AFAIK.

Nice, thx man. Ya i’m not going to inject it, im going to take it orally, and not in a gay or sexual context

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Have you started taking it not counting unintentionally? If so, any reasonably good results and or do you plan on taking it?

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Seems like it might be worth a try for a few weeks or months just to see if it helps. If anyone tries it please post a note here on the results.

I think more research would need to be done regarding long term usage - but definitely interesting.

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The half-life of Benzoic Acid after administration of Sodium benzoate is about 4 hours ->Study so the Sodium Benzoate should probably be taken every 4-6 hours possibly…(look at the graphs)

Sodium Benzoate is cheap as dirt (I have some food grade stuff laying around) and the solution won’t etch away your mouth or something. It tastes like nothing and after taking 3 divided doses of 0.25 g (250mg) disolved in a glass of water, I’m still alive.

You can judge my new level sanity by looking at my posts. Are they coherent or incoherent? I cant’s judge them. I suppose it has made me more coherent. I also have less emotional outbursts and my attention and middle-term memory (if such thing exists) is better.

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Update 2:
Apparently, if you just swallow SB it just ends up in your liver and is metabolized to Hippuric acid (which might be a good thing. ans has it’s own story with Schizophrenia) basically the blood that comes from the intestines goes directly to the liver AFAIK. Thats the problem and our BS gets messed up with (metabolized).
How to fix it (may or may not work):
Taking SB sublingually. Problem, It could etch away your mouth. I did the lab rat. It tastes kinda bad but 0.2 gr. won’t etch away your mouth if you kinda play around with it. It may get some SB past the liver.

Update 3:
Sorry. But on a second though I believe that sublingual is a pretty bad Idea. You don’t want to expose your mouth cavity to a very high concentration of a random untested chemical. It was a dumb Idea.
I won’t do it anymore myself. I’ll go on disolvig it in water and drink it.

As of the effect, I’m taking it since yesterday. my attention is way better. I’m much less dumb or thoughtless. I can formulate my ideas better. My “theory of mind” is there again (I get it if I’m bothering someone in a conversation of if I’m talking BS and I can intervene). And my mood gets instantly better after taking this stuff.
I believe it has a short half life. This morning, when I woke up i felt pretty messy but when I took it was the lights went on. I prefered that the lights where on when I woke up but it’s better than nothing.

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Update 4:
TOTALLY make sure to read This ->The Health Benefits of Sodium Benzoate (A Food Preservative)
It’s full of tasty knowledge. Also some side effects and such I totally missed. LOTS of LOTS of useful knwoledge.
It also says that the UL is 350mg per day according to WHO. I’m not quite sure whether I’ll listen to them because this stuff makes me feel really good but you may want to.

Another completely unrelated issue. SB acts somewhat exactly like Sarcosine. It increases D-Serine, (or rather stops the deranged degradation of D-serine). Sarcosine increases Glycine levels which also increasess NMDA activity. It’s like taking lots of Glycine.
Sodium Benzoate icreases D-Serine. D-Serine is a coactivator of the NMDA receptors. And hence the problem (at least partially) seems to be disinhibited DAAO which degrades D-serine, decreasing DAAO and hence increasing natural D-Serine right where it is needed seems more logical to me.

I hope I sound coherent.

Dear @SzAdmin would you mind making this thread sticky?

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Ok, so cinnamon naturally contains sodium benzoate unaltered but you have to get the ceylon brand if you want to updose it because cassia, saigon, and indonesian cinnamon have high levels of coumarin that is bad for your liver in excess. I just bought some ceylon cinnamon see.

Hi Omid, and anyone else trying this.

ANy update? Are you still taking it? Still noticing an effect? Are there other people in your living location (e.g. family or friends) who also see a difference in your behaviors now that you’ve started Sodium Benzoate?

Yes, I feel more creativity and feelings I havent felt since before I got sick and this is only day 2 butbit could be a pla v ebo edfect this early in the game. I plan on using it the rest of my life. The ceylon species of cinnamon though because my hepatitus c from drug use and ceylon species has the lowest amount of coumarin which saves my liver compared to other species.

I’m no chemist but it sounds like something they might give for a lethal injection in some states…lol…take ya three days to die at the hands of some medical school flunky…lol.

Maybe it would just preserve you like frozen food?

I’m using all natural cinnamon, and the safest one “Ceylon” so I can updose it.

I stopped taking it. I want to discuss it with my doc or something. I don’t know.
I think it made me too sane and I got sane and I realized it’s not sane to take a random chemical lol
I didn’t have any adverse effects though, none.

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