Sodium Benzoate For Schizophrenia sounds promising

Day three and yes the effects are great, I notice I am more social and my brain is a lot more active and is coming up with successful creative tools to handle delusions alot better all of a sudden. Still going to keep taking ceylon cinnamon.

Now that scientists found it effective, they are trying to find a way to turn sodium benzoate into a drug for profit.

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No - the issue is that long term there seem to be some question / and issues around possibly increasing the risk of cancer. I think thats the key issue.

Im ok as long as they dont genetically modify the ceylon cinnamon which lowers chances of me getting cancer.

Did I miss something - what does this have to do with Sodium Benzoate?

Ceylon cinnamon naturally contains the substance already.God made it so to speak millions of years before we got a hold of it.

Why would you stop taking it after a short period. Thats a delusion thinking you will be “to sane”. The people in the trial took it for 14 weeks for the good results.

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I’d take a shot at it. But do so bearing in mind that this approach deals only with people who have decreased function of N-methyl-d-aspartate receptors in certain brain regions. My supposition – based on the “21% effectiveness” of the intervention – is that some sz pts tend to have more (or less) of that than others.

What I like about this, however, is that it points to multiple physiological factors in sz that suggest that multiple approaches to treatment (and not just with meds) are increasingly effective… and that if one keeps plugging away at experimenting with all those treatments, one may find the specific aggregation of them that works for them.

[quote=“notmoses, post:29, topic:36413”]
decreased function of N-methyl-d-aspartate receptors
[/quote] does that have anything to do with undermethylated and overmethylated?


(Kept adding e’s until I got to 15.)

Probably under- in this case.

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Sodium Benzoate, a Metabolite of Cinnamon and a Food Additive, Reduces Microglial and Astroglial Inflammatory Responses (study)

This paper got the whole Idea of mine started.


Likewise the spice, turmeric. Anything that is anti-inflammatory may (not necessarily will) have an affect on the limbic emotion regulation system between the top of the brain stems and the cortical centers. Inflammation in that region is thought by many researchers to be connected to anxiety, depression, mania and god knows what all.

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I just ordered some sodium benzoate.

Wish me luck for when it turns up.

I don’t think it’s gonna do much though. Hopefully it’ll help in some way.

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Can it prevent psychotic episodes?

I’m not sure, I just done a bit of research on it and then ordered some.

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Can Sodium Benzoate improve COGNITION in schizophrenia?
Have you heard of such cases?
Can it bring you to 100 percent cognitive functioning?

These not much to go on with research for benzoate. I think these only 1 study saying it helps. To be honest I don’t think it’ll do much for my schizophrenia. I will soon see.

There are actually a number of studies on sodium benzoate and schizophrenia.

But that 21% improvement cited by one of them is just an average - likely some people got significantly more improvement, and some people got none or little. We don’t know the distribution of the participant’s improvement.

21% improvement doesnt sound like a lot considering negative symptoms arent easy to measure

No, but it is an adjunctive, not a stand alone medication. So if your meds improve symptoms say 40% and sodium benzoate an additional 20% you might be fairly functional.

Of course that’s a hypothetical - some people get a lot of help from their APs and other meds, others not much.

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