Sodium Benzoate and Sarcosine - my experience

I just took Sodium Benzoate a minute ago. Anyone interested in me periodically updating my progress? I’m also taking Sarcosine. So far Sarcosine is working. I bought a scale to measure Sodium Benzoate. I’m starting off with 1 gram a day.


Yeah dude. Update. I’m curious.


Okay. So I decided to hold off the Sodium Benzoate until I establish an understanding of what Sarcosine is doing to me. I don’t want to try another supplement until I know Sarcosine is safe and doing its job! I want to be as smart as possible with this. No more mistakes! So far Sarcosine is doing an amazing job. I have more energy, less lethargy, more stamina and endurance, slightly better working memory, more motivation, and a better time writing longer sentences.

The downside with Sarcosine is I felt a little bit hypomanic. I’m sleeping less. And I have stomach issues.

I’m sensitive to supplements and medications. So when I first started Sodium Benzoate, I noticed it immediately. I felt stimulated (a little uncomfortable but tolerable). That’s about it.

The big thing with Sarcosine is things feel more real and my mood is extremely stable. You know those two-factor authorization codes? Well with Sarcosine, I can store those digits temporarily in my head without looking twice!

After a couple months (maybe 4-5 months), I will see if Sarcosine is good. Then I will re-start Sodium Benzoate. This way I know it’s not the Sarcosine if anything goes wrong and I don’t have to be confused.


Interesting @insidemind.

Why name the thread about sodium benzoate, you should’ve called it “my experience with sarcosine”.

None of them did anything for me, but good luck.

When I took sarcosine the voices became so nice and said they loved me all the time. I imagine hippies in the 1960’s had similar experiences with the crap they took when they were “mellow”. I quit because it helped put me in the Psych Ward and I came to realize that a mind that criticizes itself sometimes is better than one than one that gives itself too much love. In the real World we don’t love ourselves all the time or anyone else for that matter, and no one loves, or hates you all the time. It’s a combo of both really. Even a executioner gives a prisoner a last meal, or cigar usually.

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You might want to be careful taking sodium benzoate, I believe it is carcinogenic.

Benzoate occurs naturally in a number of foods and the conversion to benzene (which is a carcinogen) occurs with vitamin C, heat, and time. So, don’t mix it up with orange juice (or other vitamin C containing drinks or supplements) and then leave it in the heat for a prolonged time.

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Interesting, and I couldn’t understand why I get high from drinking whole milk yogurts… (aside from Casein breaking down to an opiate-like thing)
I guess I get that Benzonate from these yogurts, occasionally.

Links and sources :

Opiate stuff in milk proteins :

" a number of milk protein fragments has been shown to behave like opioid receptor ligands able to address opioidergic systems in the adult’s or in the neonate’s organism"

A nice article about Sodium Benzoate from a post doc (Phd on organic chemistry):

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Thank you for sharing.