Giving Sarcosine a try


Hi yal, giving it a shot. Got the ok from the medical team. Day one starts today.


Good luck with it. Let us know how you get on.


hope it goes well for you!


Well its only been 3 days but I guess its the magic of placebo I feel a little more hope that I’ll get better.

We’ll see, so far I don’t feel particularly agitated like some people said they might get.

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I’ve heard its effect but considering yet. Can you let me know if you feel cognitive improvement? I got a bad memory after onset. :exploding_head:


Will do. I think you should ask your doctor about it. There’s no harm in being prepared.

What works for me or you might be different.

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Got in the mood to do a project today. Dunno, maybe its working.


I went out to the game store today, and that was about an hour long walk to and from, and I felt great.

Really feel like this is gonna be good. I’ve started taking the full introductory dose that I split between morning and night in the morning.

Next week I’m going to the full dose one in the morning and then once in the afternoon.

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