Social Media has Created a Generation of Self-obsessed Narcissists


So basically it creates a bunch of assholes.

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Me personally, take makeup selfies sometimes, not a lot. I am not sure if I get Dopamine as mentioned in this article.
people are looking for validation taking deceptive pictures of themselves which makes them look more attractive than they really are.

I will never want to be like that. I think I look a lot better in real life than in pictures. But taking a selfie of myself for a bunch of people, no does not make me happy. I want my friends to see me sure. That’s it.

Social media has been a huge boost for my work though. That’s what I use it for.

On the other hand, my friends, take pictures everywhere they go. To a restaurant for example, 4 couples, I see the check in and post on Facebook within 5 minutes.

I like it if my family sees my picture and people who love me, and see I am happy for example in NYC for example.

I do not fit into this label.

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Honestly it is something good. If it makes you happy and taking a pretty selfie, produces Dopamine? I wish it happened to me!

You could always use snapchat.

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Think people spend to much time on line including myself, you stop at a red light and everyone is standing at the corner looking at their phones, what on earth is so important all the time.

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I guess we have nothing better to do. watch the sky?

This is all the social media I do online,

Facebook, snapchat, all that stuff I can’t get on board with.

I don’t take a lot of selfies and I don’t know how to use filters,

Really I’m out of the loop,

And I’m happy with that.

I’ve accepted that I’m already a completely behind the times old lady.


I remember back in the “olden days”, when we took photos of nature, buildings, events and other people.

The only way you would get a photo of yourself was if someone else took the photo.

What the hell happened people??? :scream: :smile:


I’m the same way :slight_smile:

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