Selfitis is annoying

I am tired of taking pictures :smiley: I started to find a really big problem in this.

It is said we need to keep our lives private. And I agree, I just cannot stop.

I apply makeup just for selfies; add some filters, put some better clothes… just for selfies. I know it’s annoying. For many years I do this, and I do not achieve anything else- simply the thing that I look like an attention seeker.

Some girls, mostly hot ones are actually earning money from instagram. I’ve never achieved this.

I believe I just want to be accepted. Also, that people would think I look good- while in fact without those poses, filters and makeup’s I look… quite normal.

And they say selfitis does not exist… it definitely exists. And excessive photos taking makes me look less smart, less private and more like an attention seeker.

I really need to find a hobby which would replace this bu**sh*t

Perhaps it’s a dopamine response from getting appreciated. That would make it less about selfies and more about a feedback loop with dopamine. I can’t speak for most of us but we are generally undervalued or don’t get that positive feedback in real life, so we seek it out.


It seems like a harmless pastime or quirk.


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