Social effects

In my experience psychiatry very much focuses on textbook symptoms and how to deal with them to the relative exclusion of the social effects of those symptoms. Social care is low down on the agenda but many of the severely mentally ill have significant social care needs .
The social effects of a severe mental illness don’t always stop when the textbook symptoms abate. You can be seen as the person with schizophrenia/psychosis who behaves in a certain way long after those symptoms are under control. Social exclusion or not is as much to do with past history as it is to do with a present state of wellness.

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yeah and the sad part is that “schizophrenic personality” is genetical, so you cant do much about it.

There have been times when all my symptoms were under control, I was in an apartment and I had every creature comfort met, and I was about to go shrieking out of my mind because I was so isolated. I had almost no human contact. You’re right. That’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

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I am in total agreement with all the posts here. Reality outside the house bores me. It’s too loud. The world is mad anyway. I prefer staying at home. I like to lie on my bed and think.